This blog is the continuation of Zen’s Sekai-I, by land (zensekai.wordpress.com) which was started several years ago, whilst we lived in the S.F. Bay Area of northern Ca. It was a fair life, we did not have much but we lived simple and enjoyed what we had.
It was the desire of my wife, called LZ here to return to her home country Japan to attend her mother in her senior years. We worked ( struggled) at making that possible. The plan was to sail to Japan on the boat we lived on and use that to start a business, among other things of interest to me. Playing in a band, ceramics, Zen study, sailing, Kyudo, teaching Chinese martial arts.
There is a saying “Man plans, God laughs.”
On Dec 8th of 2013 we set sail to Japan. It was late in the season so we had a difficult time slowly making our way down the coast of Cal. Once in Southern Ca it was decided we should wait until spring to cross to Hawaii and went to Ensenada Mexico to spend the winter. It was a place we could afford and LZ having done some research on the city was looking forward to it.
We enjoyed our stay there, people were pleasant, life was comfortable, we made a few friends. LZ was able to start a small career writing articles for a Japanese magazine about Ensenada. Me I practiced my Kung Fu arts and worked on the boat. If not for going back Japan we could have started a life there.
On June 1st we set out for Hawaii again after changing plans on going to the South Pacific due some equipment issues and lateness of the season and weather conditions.
On June 18 we were rescued from our boat and had to abandon it in building rough Sea and again equipment failure . This time with also a broken rudder which made steering a real challenge under rough sea conditions, which were to become worse over the next 24 – 48 hours. This was more than just leaving a boat this was leaving our home. It was heartbreaking!
We were rescued by a Greek oil tanker and treated well and taken to Long Beach Ca. There we were treat lousy by Homeland security but admitted back into the US. We then stayed with friends for the next week after changing plans to return to Mexico to try to locate our boat. That seemed fruitless.
With the help of many compassionate donations after our story was heard on Facebook, we were able to fly to Japan to complete the journey. Conditions are not as planned for re-starting life here, but here we are this is our Japan adventure. The good thing is we had some family here and some friends we had made over the years.
So here we are in Japan, mostly broke, technically homeless, jobless for the most part other than, my small Social Security, and LZ’s very very small monthly writing contract. A semi-retired Blasian couple starting over in Nihon, trusting the Tao ( Universe) to provide. I am almost certain there are no other blogs like this. No tales about hot females, drunken parties, group sex, getting goosed by teenage girls and boys, etc. Just a regular , well sort of regular hmmm, maybe that is regular the other stuff, since that covers many of the male teen/young adult foreigner “I am in Japan blogs”. Ok, an un-regular blog about the life and times of a semi-retired, Martial Art and sailing teacher, Graphic designer, Potter, Musician, Photographer, Chan/Zen Monk dude, Eco activist, roaming reporter for BlackTokyo.com  ( Osaka)  and his wife, a Japanese National Pet Activist. Pretty different ne?!

A little about me. I am a 36 generation Northern Shaolin Shifu under the Wong Jack Man linage. Also 9th generation Shifu of the  Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis System. Shodan rank in Shotokan Karate. I currently hold a Sandan rank with the all Nippon Kyudo Federation. This makes me the second highest ranked Black American male in the USA, perhaps the world. Also holder of a bronze medal for the First World Kyudo Championship. I am a certified sailing instructor for the American Sailing Assoc and a US Coast Guard licensed Boat Captain, former professional musician, ceramic artist, photographer, retired graphic designer, certified Feng Shui Consultant ( Feng Shui Research Center- Canada, w/ Master Joseph Yu and American Feng Shui Institute w/ Master Larry Sang), certified Minister and a Chan practitioner under Taiwan Grand Chan Master Teacher Wujue Miaotian vice abbot of the Shaolin temple. Chan Master Miao Tian is the 85th Patriarch of Chan Buddhism and the enlightened spiritual teacher of the Chan School based in Taiwan.


————————————Updated ——3/2018—————-

Ordained ( July 13, 2016) Chan Priest from the Lohan Buddhist Temple. Lin Chi lineage (Rinzai) Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun’s clergy.

Possibly the first/only “Black” official Komuso lay monk registered with the Myoanji Zen Buddhist Temple in Kyoto, Japan. March, 2018

Continuing Chan Studies with Dharma Drum Mountain is an international Buddhist spiritual, cultural, and educational foundation founded by late Chan Master Sheng-yen (1930 – 2009).

Buddhism Studies with Harvard University.

Just your basic harmless Weird 60’s Hippie type, who is still learning about life and living in a changing world…Yosh!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi , i found youre block right now wile looking for a place to learn Kyudo .! I’m ussal a really shy German women !
    I’m married with Japanese guy having cute baby boy , but I feel like something is missing In my life ! But now I found a very intressting blog 😉 and I will follow you from now on.!
    Greeting from Toyonaka , Osaka

    • Hello, thank you for the visit. Good luck with your Kyudo! There is very good blog and friend at called Mu. It is listed on the links under Kyudo.

  2. French – sensei,

    I am Roy from Renseikan Kyudo team in San Jose. I moved to Osaka since Dec 2014.
    I am looking for you and hopefully we can meet.


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