Kuietly Kyudo Krusing

Wow, it has been over a month, since a post. 

Yeah, well, life happens and you just have to roll with it. Sorry my 4 readers. 

Speaking of which, I was surprised to found out I have more followers from Tumbler to here, than on WordPress to here. Strange, different type there no doubt, hmmm , what type are there, am I weird or normal weird, or un-weird to whom. 

No matter I digress….
Yeah, it has been a while since posted. A fair amount of stuff went on, but who is really interested…right. It will not change the election results. That is a real bummer with Trump as Pres. Thank God I am not living in the states! Still there will be repercussions. Even for us permanent resident card holders.
There are those who tune in for the Kyudo Tales, encounters with joy and sorrow. That is when I get the most hits. Hmmmm maybe from the G+ link. Oh well, whatever…just tripping.
So yeah Kyudo…
Even though there has not been much verbiage, it is still on, like donkey kong.
I went back to the States in Oct.. I do not believe have said that, or posted. Yeah, it was a surprise to me also, getting to go again so soon. It was short, a mostly directly to deal with my Mum’s left over affairs trip. I did get to quietly see a few people. One of which was my Kyudo Federation Sensei in Ca. I went to a class. We chatted some and I was given the once over on my kyudo development. Over all I got a clean bill of health and a couple of tips. It was all inside Makiwara dojo stuff, but my Resha tai hai was good. So it was something positive. 
That was the extent of my Kyudo for that trip.
Meanwhile back home in Osaka, a Tai Kai was coming shortly after my return. I had a few weeks of practice time before. Not really that I expected to do good, it was a just simply, practice, sometime I needed.
The Tuesday full kimono training session are interesting. After each round of shooters those that watch, critiqued , then switched. We blind pick Ya, from a bundle to choose, who goes where in the line up for shooting.
All done very seriously, and taken so, with a open heart within the spirit of training, but still fun.
I usually do not get a lot of chances at shooting at these things, it is mostly TaiHai stuff and other Sharies. I shoot a little for me, afterwards. I had not taken any notice of any improvement, so had not been thinking about it, too much, next Shinsha is March. However NOW is the time to think on this, March is coming soon!
Tai Kai Day. It is chilly. I am pleased I got my Haori Jacket returned from the embroiders. I had a mon installed. My late Father in Law’s Haori has been missing since we arrived here. It was put someplace “safe” until we were settled, which is unremembered by my Mother-in-Law, and believed left at an old apt that is difficult to access from Family. Anyway, I purchased a one, it is perfect for those chilly times when not shooting, and still want to main the one’s Samurai coolness look.
Ok, yeah the Tai Kai. Fairly good turnout. Several dojos from the area. I did most of the photography as my part of the hosting dojo team. It was a long , but fun day. My shooting was nothing to write home about, or in this case, post about, but I have done worse. Perhaps I have hit my bottom point. I got 4 hits out of 12. My Sempai who has been doing Yon-dan Shinsha with me, says I beat him by two.
I was feeling like some progress was being made. I paid more attention to my scores over the next few practice sessions.
My shooting is not impressive, however looking at my records from the last few months. There is a small overall rise in my scoring. Before general average was about 33%. Now I am at about 40+%.
If I can get up to 55% by March. I will have a good shot at Yon-Dan.
Yon-Dan is the most hardest, I keep hearing…the changing point. People take you seriously as I Kyudo player when you reach Yondan.

On other Kyudo news, I had been using a straw hay bale in my Yard as a Kyudo Makiwara since I got setup here in This part of town. I was driven for those ranks, so I knew I had to practice even when not getting to the dojo. I had been struggling with the setup. mostly keeping the ya from going into the wall and through the hay bale. it mostly worked.
LZ was clearing out some stuff on Yahoo auction, I gathered something as well. I had some extra Kyudo items, plus an old Namisun I was using. I sold everything as a started kit and made enough to purchase a Makiwara, real pro-made one. Whooo hoo.











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