The Yumi string twangs

The Yumi string twangs…

It has been a while since I wrote about my kyudo trials and tribulations. It has been a slow and many times frustrating passage. I am still a long way from where I want to be, however, even I see progress. I am throughly enjoying the Tues kimono sessions. I do not get to shoot a lot, but I do get to learn a lot about Tai Hai, and other “sets” especially doing Rensha. Others also get to learn having to work with me doing Rensha, they also have to make certain adjustments and watch their timing when I am Omai. So it is a win/win training.
I am still not hitting but, I am making headway with my form, and the misc connections. I keep adding stuff I am given, and slowly slowly slowly it is coming together. I am no longer getting corrections on my draw and right hand tenouchi. Yamashita Sensei told me last night my left tenouchi is improving and gave me some more tips. I have notice my bow rotation is better when maintain a certain amount of pressure and push. Which in turn changes where my Ya hits. It is a slow learning process.
I went into the dojo yesterday night, a Sat. Thinking it would be slow. I was very surprised to find out the opposite. One sempai is testing for Rensei soon, so several Renshi where there going through the tai hai with him. I had planned on a quiet evening of solo practice. I was pretty much forced into drilling with the group. It was of course worth it, but not what I had planned, but I rolled with it. I suppose that would be embracing emptiness, in Chan Buddhist thought, embracing the change, adapting, being water.
One thing I am getting a regular check on now for correction from another Sensei is, after Zanshin, when returning to ready position, my Yumi travel is not correct. Too much angle, curve in travel and not a straight line. This takes real concentrated effort on my part to get it right. So many small things in Kyudo that add up to the perfection of a good shot. I have been reminded on several occasions, Yon-dan is difficult. Everyone chuckles as I keep putting off the next Shinsa. However, I do not want to rely on luck and spirit. I want skill, luck and spirit 🙂


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