Sept Update – the good, bad -N- ugly

Update – the good , bad and ugly

It is easy to lose track of posts and, time, what blogs, and the like. I know more people are interested in my Kyudo challenges, oh well. Life is not all about Kyudo, nor about posting for unknown, unheard folks. A lot has been going on recently not all pleasant, yin /yang, that is the way of life. Perhaps if I wrote more about funny stuff or tragic stuff I would have more readers. People like to hear about another’s troubles so theirs does not seem so bad, or like to hear funny stuff to forget their own issues. Right now, just babbling to get started, so you can ignore the above. Just out loud thinking.

I had a couple of good musical events. One was for the Snafkin cafe Sakura beach festival. I do not know why it is called Sakura, when this is summer. Anyway, it was fun. I almost did not make it. I said I would go then, I had to back out, then I could go again. My favorite people to play with backed me up. Alas no drums though. I asked one drummer that was there who played with a gospel group to sit in with me, he punked out. Wimp. So I had my favorite Sax player, keyboard player and a guitarist. No rehearsal we just went for it.
Considering all, it turned out ok. I was able to get some video footage.


The other was a Show in Kobe, with the blues band. This had been a year in the planning. It was the drummer’s high school reunion. There was talk of rehearsal but it never happened for various reasons, which i will not go into. One of which the “Doc” did not like the rehearsal studio, he just wanted to play at the Overheat club as a rehearsal. I could not make it, another story…bottom of page.
Also a week before this show, the brother of the Doc’s blues band drummer, his twin and also a drummer, asked me to fill in for his Bass player. He was short members. They are a Jazz group. His keyboard player was also going to be out. I said ok. There was also a another keyboard player going to sit in. A friend of theirs who was just in town visiting. A skilled player, who had not played in a while. Also from the same school.
I was also asked to learn another song, by Bob Dylan just in case. Then another song by the old band “Chicago”. So i have 5 songs to learn in a week. Really less because I had to go do a boat delivery from hell for 3-4 days. More on that later.
So yeah, I got the songs pretty fast, they were fairly simple. Show night was long. I got there around three in the afternoon, did rehearsals with both bands, had a short break then played. I left around 9:30. The blues band was first up for me to play with. It was decided by the Doc and the drummer I would carry the vocals. Hmm what is the point of calling it the Matsuo Blues Band if I am doing most of the work. I sort of snapped at him when he started to tell me how to do one song dropped on me suddenly, instead of one he was going to do. ” you want to do it that speed, fine, you sing then” My patience is low with that these days. We did ok considering, for the most part no practice. After two songs, the keyboard player joined us for another two songs. Now we sounded good. The best we have ever, to me. I even pulled the stops on my vocals, I felt inspired.
Right afterward the Jazz band was up. That was fun fun fun. The keyboard player who continued over from playing with the Blues Band and I hit it off and were in sync. Even when the group messed up and got lost where we were, we pulled it back together like what we did was on purpose and part of the arrangement. That is how it is done, you roll with it.
We followed the jazz tunes with a couple of other songs. You got a friend, and I am a Man. It was a nice variety and so nice to get out of just a blues bag. I kind of got the vibe the “doc” was not pleased me being with another group. Oh well.
No pictures, from the show, oh well. There is a 15 sec vid, taken by the “doc”…

LZ and I got to travel a little bit, we went to a very famous Osen place in Arima. This is part of her writing review jobs. It was just a overnight stay but relaxing. This is from the town near by. I am not big on public Osens, but hte massage chair was the Bomb!
 The Bad:
My mother passed away last week. I suppose not really a bad thing, she was old and tired and ready to check out. Not really sick per’se memory was mostly gone. She was in her own world when I saw her last. She said her legs hurt most of the time and was not eating. I was expecting it as were my family sooner. I was pleased I made the choice to go when I did to see her and say my goodbyes. What is bad is, some questionable finance handling of her estate. This is not the place to go into that. However it does seem that some property issues can be worked out without it all going to probate court. Within bad there is good, within bad there is good. Within Yin , there is Yang.
I have not been getting any Kyudo practice time in these days. Not full none, but very little. A mixed bag of reasons, which do not matter. The next Shinsa is in Nov, i am seriously considering waiting until spring. I can spend the winter more focused.
My spirit was shattered, that is the best way to describe my disappointment at someone who I had thought was my friend and I trusted and respected. I was almost killed, and not so much as even a sorry I mis-judged the weather or thank you for your work. That was the most painful!!
I had a boat delivery assignment, which I wrote about on my sailing blog, so I will not repeat here. If interested you can go there. Both LZ and I were disappointed at events, that took place. Me more so, I was very depressed for several days. Not just from a friendship level, but lost of respect for someone on a Zen master level. I am not fully over it, however slowly my Chan training is kicking in to accept, “it is what it is”, unattached and move on, in more ways than one. Be unattached in the present, mindful of what I am doing, stay centered, be open, for guidance from the Universe, where I need to be, go, do.