A step into the present


Since I have returned Home. I have stayed fairly busy, but also resting. It has been can of nice. Not good for our finances but…the Great Spirit provides. I had gotten to do some music since returning. I did an evening at the Overheat club with the Blues Band. It was not as tiring as I thought, I still do not understand what is going on there. Other groups also played, different from before. No matter. No money comes from my pocket other than transportation. The rest to me is practice/ training. The evening was ok. We did not play the whole time,
I also got to play with some others, less the “Doc” and his style so that was nice.
I also got to play keyboards a little. I was going to play just on my song I was asked to sing. Turns out they did another song first before my song, with me at the piano so I rolled with it. The key to doing something that you can do, but just a little, is to stay in the background as much as possible. People hear a taste of piano tunes, but nothing they can really “attach” to. Sort of like doing push hand in TaiJi. There but not there. So yeah that how I covered myself, not knowing the song. 
Then I got to play a song. It started very very rough. It took them a while to find the groove. The drummer just stopped. Later listening to the recording he started some light tapping or some thing, in the background. There but, not there. Not good for a drummer, and this was a Slow Blues. Anyway,.. Rolled with it. The guitarist and the bassist also could not get a lock. So I just played for myself.
After a while they caught on. I was surprised later listening to the recording, once everything into sync it was fairly good. It could have been great if we had all played together on this song before hand, as these guys needed some guidance. Still it was fun, most of the night.
The next just happened to come up. The Snafkin owner asked if I would do a couple of song in an upcoming park show. Ok I said. This was to be mostly with the same members as the prior concert. Cool I thought! There will be some adds and menses as far as people but still. Good, the keyboard player as before and my favorite sax player. I think I heard some thing bout a guitar, and I will ask the Shami player again. It is a interesting sound combo. The conga player can not make it, I am not sure about a drummer. None of which are a big deal for a free park community concert. So just fun and practice.
Anyway I digress I was asked shortly after the first contact to stop by the coffee house to speak with a couple of what. Thought where the players. So i stop by the cafe on Friday. The only ones there were the owners and the conga player. They all were just practicing some songs. Hmmmm, I thought ok slow night. We talked some, another couple was supposed to come in. A short while later they did. I played some songs with this guy, me on bass, and the conga player. The guy, guitar had written some songs and was doing them, his girl friend also played guitar. She did a couple of songs later. 
We all along with the cafe master at time just did various songs. Some times we just did percussion rhythms, sometimes we did the same but with me on Shamisen, some times with the added flavor of the master on Saxophone. All just fooling around it was fun.
snafkin quickie band
I was asked by the “guy”, the writer/singer to play with him and his group at another festival type show. Me on bass backing him. Ok I said. Cool I thought, another band, a different sound.
band 2
A couple of the guy, I will call him the Kid since he and especially his girlfriend looked so young. Cute couple. Anyway , yeah the kid’s songs a couple of them I liked. One had a reggae type feel another more a funky rock. It was fun, he liked it , he asked me to play the show.
It was a fun evening, i got a ride home with h conga player. He had sent me a note before about seeing me, but did not reply. It turns out he lives near the boat yard where I work so is nearby. This is good info as I want to use him later in some musical project. He is I found out “Budo brother” he studies Iaido. Kyudo people are rare. So yeah, it was a good night, more fun than I planned on. I did not even bring my instruments, but still got to do some fill ins. I had originally thought to just hang out.

The Force was with me.

next up, The Shaolin Session…UPSA tour



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