Alameda – WaterWorld…full circle

Back to Alameda


Was the day to return to Alameda, the home coming. I had a lot of ground to cover as usual.
My first stop was to Downtown Alameda, some banking and a trip to Trader Joes. From there over to the Natural market for some misc supplies to take back to Japan. I came across some nice omiyage to take back. Eco bags are big now in Japan. I got a couple from TJ’s and a couple from the local Natural foods store.
Next stop over to the Oakland Yacht club. There I was to meet a couple of old students for lunch on their boat. It took me awhile to find the correct gate even though I was familiar with the club.
It turns out my student gave me the wrong gate tag. After a bit it got worked out and I met up with the crew on the boat. We had sushi and pie with a little bit of sparkling wine.
There was another local guest friend of theirs there. I knew him from before sort of.
We all chatted, ate and such, then my time was up,
I was off to the next stop.
My next stop was just a little ways away. I had it all planned out. I went by my old place of work. The Blue Pelican Consignment shop. No one knew I was coming, big shocks! It was good to see the owners. I was offered a job.
If I was considering coming back to the States, that would have been a sign. However, no, I love Japan. I hung out a bit looked around, blah blah, then had to leave. I promised to try to stop again, before leaving.
Yup another stop, this one just around the corner. The marina where I was Asst, Harbormaster. I was expected there. I had an errand to run for Yoh Sense, in addition to my just going by. Again good to see the folks I did. A warm welcome from the new staff member. The vibe there is so much better now with the big shake up of firings and quits. So much for the better now! I sort of miss having a life there, but only a very little sort of.
Next off to see Capt Mary. She was a big influence on me getting my sailing chops together for the Japan sail. I also worked there at the sailing school, Afterguard, which she and her husband owned. She was the sensei fro LZ and her sailing skills. I took the chance she would be there and just went by. The streets where wacky with repairs but i found my way. I stopped in. Capt Mary was on the phone. She did not seemed too surprised to see me. I found out she had a lot going on right then with some work issues. I also found out her husband ad recently passed away. It was not the best of times for her or for a visit right then with someone on the phone and calls coming. We hugged and I slipped out.
Next stop. I head over to Chinatown, want to see my Kung Fu uncle and his wife. I make my way over there through the messed up repairs being done to the streets. I find the place dark and a note saying they were out. Sigh. That was a bummer. I will see them in two days at the memorial kung fu banquet. However a pre-visit would have been good to talk. There will not be much time at the banquet. I also needed to see if a Chinese herbalist could be suggested, since I needed some Kung Fu Medicine herbs and we were there in Chinatown. So oh well roll with it and off to my next stop.
There was a woman a worked with when I was a graphic designer. Before my whole world in that field fell apart. That was a major blow. But I survived…Allah be praised! We were pals at the office and a little on off time. I told her I would stop by. It was a short visit. She has three kids, one is a teen, the other two are 2/3 about. They cried, yelled, ran, jumped…
I am fairly old now, I need some rest and had a long drive ahead back to Sonoma for the night. It was a short visit and a peaceful drive back to Sonoma.
I had covered a lot in the one day. Tomorrow I had not as much planned to run and see and my stay was going to be in a motel for the night, close to my last stop visit. Yatta!
After some thought, I figure to just give up the mimi version of Friday, doubtful if it will be of interest on it’s own post.
I met-up with a close old-time friend for lunch. We chatted about this and that, Sound Healing, Music, Zen and had great Thai Food at an old hangout

Next I am off to do some shopping at the near-bye eStore ! That was fun, sort of with no money to just spend. Oh well less attachments. Next off to see another friend. That whole section did not work out I never got to hook up with them.Therefore I headed over to my student’s house for a visit and dinner. She insisted that I take no pictures of her meals. It was great by the way, she was just being anti-Social media. Oh well. this is the patio, one of several, where we ate.



It was a nice visit, We go back many years. She trained with me some 14 yrs or more. However I was off again, one more stop then I crash for the night. I go for a hotel since I have been with “others” for a week a bit of alone time is good for my balance. This location is good close to my last stop, close to my morning stop. The Tai Chi Mantis Seminar. It will be good to see the family.


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