Going back to Calli – Sonoma/Napa

Wine Country

My first day in Sonoma did not go as planned. That was to go to DMV renew my drivers lic. Then go to the seed bank for, yeah thats right seeds. Then go to my sissy’s place for the night. I did not make it to my Sissy’s the other stuff did not happen, I found the seed bank but no time to go, I did not find the DMV untIl my “sister” took me that evening on our way out to dinner.

We went to an Italian place. The salad was excellent the pizza was way too salty. I wrote it off to the combos use where all salty. Still I thought it was extreme as did my Sis. So the rest of that evening we stayed up and chatted and did old hippie stuff.
The next day I was up and at it early. I went to DMV, I went fairly early, still there was already a long line. I joined and took a deep breath. Once I was in and got my papers done, then I sat as I had no appointment. I had a lunch date planned in Napa for noon. Some 20 miles in another county, Napa, I was in Sonoma at the time. So I wait and wait. I am thinking I will leave at 11:45 having waited since. 9:30. Just as I was considering walking. I was called, yatta! 
I went up, paid my fee and was told that was it other than the eyes test. I was expecting to have to take the written test , Yatta. I was asked if I wore glasses, I said no, even though I had gotten some in Japan. I figured I may pass without them, I will try first before using them. I first I could not focus, and started off wrong, she switched me to another section doing one eye at at time. I went through the, pretty fast, missing one. She let me slide!! yatta! I wrapped it up with a new photo taken. Then I hit the road for Napa.
With much much effort and waiting I finally hooked up with my friend. She is a friend from on line who is a friend of Friends and she did Kyudo. We have connected n line some three years ago almost. We met for lunch at a little Greek deli.
The food was excellent! Greek was on my list of foods to eat while in the States List…so it was perfect. We left there and went to a marketplace where she works. There we had cheese and wine. One of the things she trained in is cheese and pairing, with stuff. We had a small sample plate of cheese and a few condiments as well as some samples of snack items she is making. All of it was yummy! We eat and talked until I had to hit the road again.
My next stop which was near where we were, and also in Napa was a former students house. He was one of my first students when i started in Northern Ca. He has come and gone , come and gone with his class attendance, but we remained in touch. A short visit with him before once again one the road.
This time back to Sonoma, in the mountains. It was a long and winding road finding my way to the Sonoma Mountain Zen Center. I was to meet a Kyudo Sempai, the one who gave me my first Yumi. He is also a Bass player and a Buddhist. In fact is part of the Sonoma Zen Center.
I choose to meet there because it is some what on my way back to my Sister’s and we, Sempai and I have history at the Zen Center having taken week long seminar in Zen and Kyudo there.
It was a good meeting connecting with him. We arrived at the same time. I had made a wrong move and missed my turn, as I was turning around, I saw a car that looked like his. I could not look inside, but I had that sense it was him. He said the same when he saw the car following him. We also while walking the grounds came upon a resident who knew us both. We chatted with her for a time before leaving. I was expected back at my Sisters for dinner. I was late but not to bad, and it was expected since I am packing a lot in.
The next day was my run into Alameda our last residence area…

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