Phila…the Fuu clan Jam

Phila…the Fuu clan Jam

This part of the trip I am expecting to be rather pleasant. Here I visit my brother and my kids. My first concern is getting a car rental. I have the car reserved but, I am/was concerned about the having no credit card only a debt card part. My fear was for naught. I had all the items they required and it went smoothly for the check out on the rental. The business about having a third party issuance caught me off guard, but I figured I would trust the force and just-roll with what I had, and drive extra careful. So, I got my car, I was upgraded to a lil bigger car, bummer it was red, made me more unsettled…I rolled with it. 
When I landed at the airport, thing were closing up and I was hungry. I came across a shop, a stand that sold soft pretzels. When I was a kid those were it. A soft pretzel and a water ice. Maybe 25cents would cover both…back then! A hot soft pretzel with spicy mustard and a cold water ice, aka snow cone. So Yeah, I purchased one. It was not great, I have not had a great one since childhood, they were made different back then, I believe. However it was still good, not great but good. It brought back good taste memories.
I found my brother’s house without issue following the GPS on the iPad. It went very smooth. I had to bang and text, my brother to get his attention to open the bloody door. Finally he opened the door, which took another few minutes with all the locks he had on the doors.
We did some catch – up had a couple of drinks and watched a bit of TV before I headed to bed.
The next day I just chilled . I slept… a lot, read a little, wrote a bit. Mostly slept. I needed it, the flights were draining as was the ceremony . Brother and I spoke some, about the plan for the next day which was to make the drive to Va to see our mother.
One of the things I did that day was to buy a way too big lunch. I forgot how big meals are in the states. I ordered a veggie pizza, not a big one, 13 in job, plus a tuna sandwich on rye (real rye, not the weak wheat stuff in Japan) with a dill pickle, and a small strawberry shake. I got this from a place recommended by my brother’s step daughter. It was good! Way too much to eat at one sitting. I ate half the sandwich , two maybe three slices of pizza and drink the shake I was full for the day…
That evening I headed out to see my son and his family. I was looking forward to that. I had not seen my two oldest grandsons, since they were children. I made my way over there and first was met by my daughter-inlaw. We did a bit of greeting in Spanish as she is from Costa Rica. Always fun talking with her. I did not use a lot a Spanish since I don’t use it much in Japan, so it is rusty and dusty. The two youngest grandkids, where sleep, she woke them and about that time my son shows up with the other two kids.
It was a good reunion, they had questions about Japan, and stuff. We ate some “greek” style pizza, it was not really Greek, but it reminded me of Greekish. First I thought oh noo, more pizza, however, It was very light yet had good flavor. After we had eaten it I thought of pictures oh well.
After a while of talking I suggested we jam some. My granddaughter plays flute, my one grandson plays drums, another guitar, a little however he did not have one there, so he played conga, I played piano. My granddaughter tells me she can not play by ear, cannot improvise. She can only read. Hmmm. Ok I give her some basics on Jamming some blues. It was not really good, but it was fun for all and a treat for me. That was more important than how it sounded. It was the moment that was important.
Other than the Jam, we chatted some about this, that, and Japan, Chan/Zen . It was a short but pleasant visit.
I showed my granddaughter some basics on Shakuhachi, it took her a while but she was able to get a sound out of it. It was also nice to hear one of the grands is interested in playing violin. I told him his father has my grandfather’s violin, my first instrument. I would be delighted if he learned to play it. Not learning to play it well, is my one maybe the biggest regret.
It would have been nice to spend more time, but, more important to be thankful for what it was. As it turns out my daughter in law is now interested in Buddhism after speaking with me. I never figured that would happen. And on that topic, I also ended up teaching my brother some meditation basics to help with his stress and the BS being shoveled by our sister. That is another story…
I got back to my brother’s just as he was heading to bed. He was up a little late just waiting for me. So ended a major delight day of the trip. Next up south to Virginia…not looking forward to this part…well part of it anyway, as I did not know what I would find…

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