Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

I was surprised how well it went getting to Vegas. The airport in Japan was easy and fast. Not much of a line or anything, immigration was smooth and simple. Plenty of time just to wait for loading. S.F. Also went fairly smooth. The airport had some high tech check in that was fairly easy. One still had to go through the customs part. 
A guy, the boarder guard, says, what are/ were you doing in Japan? “I live there” I say. Oh I did not know that, he says. Duh, I think, how / why would you? I give him the short run down on my Japan life. Oh, he says ok, have a nice day. Ok bam, done I am back in the states. I grab my bag and get oriented. I make my way to the next airline in domestic travel. Once there I look for food. 
Nothing really interesting or that I can eat. I spot a veggie burger, at one place of the three or four I see. $12.00 with fries!! dayammmm! I look around more nothing, I am sort of hungry and not knowing when I can eat again, I settle for the way over priced burger. I am not pleased. It was only so so, for real not worth the $12.00. I remember to be grateful for the meal and that I have money to purchase it. I eat and head for the gate after checking in. Again it is smooth. I am feeling blessed next stop Las Vegas. My Kung Fu brother is picking me up.
The flight there is smooth, I am surprised how few people there are at the airport. Later I find out it is because I came in via the international terminal. Once landed I head for the baggage claim. I am only slightly surprised to see slot machines right away. I grab my suitcase and seek out my “Shaolin brother”. I walk around and even go outside at one point. Hot hot hot! Still no see. We had not setup a meet point. Just playing it by the flow. I go on line and find a message from him saying where he is. After a bit of effort and another trip out into the heat, we hook up!
We head to his school, there I am greeted by the students and meet his daughter who I have not seen since she was just an infant. Now she has a two year old of her own. We settle in to the office and hang out. There is a class going on, being lead by his son. I have seen him grown up before but still it is “strange” remembering.
Later there is a couple of award ceremonies being held, I am invited to help with the event of awarding certificates and ranks. It was simple but sort of fun. 
Throughout the evening I am meeting his students. Him and I get to talk some about old times, friends, classmates and my ceremony the next day. I am to take the Buddhist precepts there in the temple and become ordained as a monk of the LinJi ( Rinzai) Chan, Lohan sect. 
Finally we head out for dinner. There Is a restaurant around the corner, sort of a corner. We are in a mall area in and called Chinatown. We go to a restaurant called “Kung Fu”. A Chinese/Thai place. There is a story behind the name, it is one of the last restaurants from the popular Kung Fu era. Several restaurants had that type of name.
The food was good, they had a vegetarian menu. I had been wanting some Thai food it was on my list of eat stops. I had green curry tofu, also spicy green beans with tofu. Yummm. Too busy eating to take pictures. We ate and talked, and finally took the rest home as it was too much! The Thai ice tea was also good. After another brief stop at the school we went to his home, where we crashed out shortly after. I slept easily, I did not get much sleep on the 10 hour flight, stuck in a middle seat, between two people who spread their arms out on both rests.
Currently I am writing this from another airplane seat. This time heading to Phila, The force is with me I got an aisle seat. But that is jumping ahead of the story…
The next morning we are up not too early but sort of. I was up first and did some stretching and meditation. I was not sure of the full plan, but I knew part of it was my ordination. We headed out for the school again. My “brother” had a class to teach. Again I meet some more students, a couple of them were quite pleased to meet me, they said, they had heard lots, they were coming to my ceremony that night. I was flattered and surprised.
The class started I went into the temple section of the school. There I hung out, meditated and practiced my shakuhachi. It was quite enjoyable peaceful. It was a good re-centering for me. The class was about 1.5 hr or so. Afterward we prepared the room for the evening ritual. I also got to play, well sort of more of an attempt to play a Tibetan horn. After all was in place and I had been given more instruction about the evening, we went out to lunch.
The choice for lunch was Mexican, another one on my list. Before hand I pulled rank on my brother, the Abbot and said. ” I am paying for lunch, you paid for dinner.” Oh yeah, he says! Says who?! Me, I come back with, I am your Sihing ( sempai). He laughs. The Mexican was good, it was a lot, a lot a lot. We could not finish it all. I have a Japanese size stomach now, for him it was just too much also. We both left some and pushed away from the table, with full bellies. Before going home we stopped at another shop, a herb, vitamin, health-food type place that also taught Tai-chi and yoga. The owner was a friend of his and a student. I felt right home in the shop, my kind of place, reminded me of our old school’s health-food store section. So after picking up a few small items went home. We needed a nap! Him more than me, still after I took a shower, I also took a nap!
5:00 came we returned to the school. An evening class had started, I meet more people. I received more instructions and it was suggested I sit in the temple to met the arriving priests. Little by little people came in, I was surprised as was the Abbot. I was told one had brought along a long-sleeved formal robe for me to wear. I changed and finally it was time for the ceremony.
I took my seat in front of the altar in the middle of the room. There was a lot of bowing on my part, myself alone and sometimes with others I had to repeat verses, and precepts, more bows, sometimes half bows, sometime full bows. It was a good thing my knees are better these days. Incense, water on the head, more bows, saying vows and then the transmission and it was over. I received my new Buddhist name and became an official Chan priest in the Lohan Order. Wow!
Everyone offered congrats, and the attending local priests and I took a group picture and it was done.
Some people left almost right away, still a number of them stayed. Some just went into the studio to practice. I felt I should give something in return to those who turned out for the ceremony and to those who helped with it. I told the Abbot and he recalled the group into the temple. To show my appreciation I gave my first public performance on the shakuhachi. I played the part of the Honkyoku song I am learning and improvised some to extend it. I was so nervous my notes were not smooth as they should be, however, I doubt if anyone noticed or could tell.
Afterward the Abbot gave a brief lesson on some Buddhist practices and chants from the handbook he is putting together. After I finished speaking with a few people, I joined him.
Then everything was done, we changed and went home. Still full from the afternoon lunch we did not feel like eating, we just chatted some and went to bed. At first I sleep right away, but later I awoke and could not go back to sleep for a couple of hours, that part sucked.
The next morning we went to breakfast at iHop. It had been a long time since I had been there. It was good. Then off to the airport.
I did something different and checked in outside at the curb. I was told my suitcase was too heavy it would cost me another $100.00 to take it. Ehhhhhhhhh! I was told I could take somethings out, there was a scale over on the side, then come back in line. I took a few things out and packed them in my carry on and my backpack. Ok, now my bag was ok and I saved $100 I was told. I am thinking, how weird. I just moved some things from one place to another, but it is still on the same plane with me. Oh well. I was off into the wild blue yonder, via JetBlue. Mata Las Vegas, see you another time…maybe.
I was off to Phila, for the next part of the adventure…

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