The UPSA tour


So far things are going smooth. I arrived at the airport three hours ahead of take off, thinking that I would be there with enough time not to rush. Things went so fast, no lines at customs, check in went quick and security was also fast. I made it through everything in one hour. I was shocked. I got to hang out for the next two hours, reading and on the internet. 

I received a email form my sister saying mother was being placed in DNR unit that evening. She is eating a little but very very little and gets agitated when someone tries to force her to eat more. Stubborn to the end. I am hopeful and have a feeling she is waiting for me to arrive. Even though she will not remember me. I had this sense that is what is happening. I recall, LZ’s father was on his death bed when we came to visit. We had been hanging out with sister and had everything done when we got the call from the hospital that we need to get there now! Once we did he was gone shortly afterward. I am thinking this will be the case here as well.
As I write this I am 3.5 hours from landing in S.F. From there I will fly to Vegas. I will visit the Lohan buddhist temple for a day before flying on to the east coast. I may have to cut short the first day plans there of seeing my kids and go on to see my mother, depending on the news over the next day or so. She is not sick, perse, just weak from not eating, I am sure she is just tired of this life and ready to move on to the next plane.

If I am able to visit with my kids before hand, I want to have a little family jam session. My grandson plays drums, my granddaughter play flute. I think one of my other grandson plays some guitar, there is a piano at the house which i will use, it will be a memorable experience for all of us to play together. My maternal grandfather was a musician, I never played with him, but I took my first music lessons with his violin. My father was a singer, as was my mum, but only in church. it is interesting that only my eldest son and now his kids carry on with that music line. His other two sons are graphic artist. I was a graphic designer before I retired. So the artist gene runs strong in my clan, whereas my other siblings, other than my youngest. Brother who was also a professional musician and graphic artist, none other artist are in the family.

Another little bit of out of the box from my clan is my eldest son, became a Muslim, and I a Zennie. The only ones in the family that I know of that stepped outside the traditional Christian line. I do have a cousin who was briefly a Seven day Adventist, but she returned to the Baptist fold after a while, however did remain a vegetarian. Everyone else I know of in my fam. is, was /are firm Baptist, there are , was a few ministers in there. Overall though I am the “black” sheep of the family, I have always been the one who was “out there”, the hippie, the rebel. I wear the label proudly. I think my grandkids will also step outside the box, at least a couple of them. It will be interesting to get inside their heads a bit now that they are older and stating to think for themselves.

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