Birthplace – UPSA

Little by little it has been coming together. I have been working on this for several months. It has had it’s ups and down, but slowly worked out. Now finally the trip to the motherland land is only a couple of days away. I am tempted at time to say returning home. However Japan is now my home. I really feel more at home here than there. Also with the events in the news these days it is a scary place to visit much less live there. It is a blessing to be be here. 
As a person of color one learns early in life to be cautious with encounters with police. One learns how to act, talk, body language, keeping your hands in sight. None of what is going on now is new, what is new is the public knowledge of it and the blatant show of police evil. White people learn early how to do business, succeed in school, business, get laid and subconsciously how white privilege works. Black kids ( mostly) and others of color ( less) learn how to survive close encounters of the police kind.
This trip is a fairly big event. Being my first time returning to the motherland in three years. I sort of feel like a different person, of sorts. It is of sorts a spiritual journey. Confronting some real life changes. My mother is going into a hospice, paying respects to my passed away Kung Fu Shifu ( sensei ), the last time I will see several aging relatives and past relatives ( inlaws), becoming a full blown Buddhist, seeing all my grandkids, a lot of stuff happening this trip. It is a big deal, at least to me. I have a lot of ground to cover. San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Phila, Virginia, Los Angeles, and some points in between. Chan practice, Kung Fu, Kyudo…
It will be good to see some old friends and family, funny thing I feel more connected to some of my friends than family. Perhaps that is normal, one can choose there friends, family is chosen for you.
Well here it is D-day in a few hours I will be off on my pilgrimage to the United Police States of America, UPSA for short. I wanted to finish this and post before now, but, life happens and I have been busy preparing.
So , my first stop will be at the Lohan Buddhist Temple and school of Shaolin in Las Vegas. I will spend a day or so there with the Abbot, my Kung Fu brother, resetting myself spiritually …

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