La Migra

La migra

If you do not speak Spanish, you may have no idea what this is means. La Migra. I posted at La migra on my Facebook page, my wife says, why do you post things that make no sense. They do , I said, if you understand, just because you do not, does not invalidate my words.
So what is La Migra, you say. This is what Mexican say when talking about Immigration: police, dept., office…
I had to go to immigration a couple of weeks more or less ago. My visa was running out. This time I could apply for a new visa extension also a permanent resident status. I thought I had it already, but no, one can not get permanent resident status right away, I had/have a spousal visa. The “gaijin” card. The “green card” of Japan. Much much easier and cheaper to apply for than the US card. It cost me hundreds of dollars and all kind of investigation question to get one for LZ. The “Gaijin”card will cost about $80.00, once!
The process was pretty simple for dealing with a government. Now I am the waiting mode. However the Migra visit was only part of the story for the day. I had spoken with a Shakuhachi acquaintance about a flea market near me. It was being held at a temple in Downtown Osaka. The Buddhist temple is listed as the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan. It was sort of on the way to “La Migra”. I figured how to stop by on the way to immigration. 
I found the place without too much problem. I had to ask a few people but I made it. The place was big. Later I found out much much bigger than I thought. I was in a rush when I arrived so did not have much time to look around. What saw was impressive. Cool stuff , a lot of cool old stuff. I love cool old stuff!!!
When I first entered, I was stopped by a Monk who spoke English for a chat. Longer than I wanted, but had some interesting things to say. I had to comments however as I was in a rush I did not want to engage him too much. He started speaking to me as if I knew nothing of Buddhism, then when I checked that, he raised the level but still like a beginner. I smiled and nodded. I found it interesting that he spoke of his begging as his job. He had lived in the states, he owned a house in Japan, and wanted to return to the states. Too bad I did not have the time to really chat. Some things I could have debated with him on. Buddhist are the only group who are, have been non violent (something like that) peaceful, there is no God, No Buddha, a couple of other statements which I have since forgotten.
Anyway, I did a quick walk through of the grounds, then went to immigration. After getting done with them I went back to the flea market. Sadly it was over. People where closing up.
I did however get to see the full size of the grounds and market area/size. I was impressed. This is a monthly event, same dates every month. I will be returning in Aug, since I am traveling most of July. Even LZ wants to attend. It also turns out I know someone who live just across the street from the temple. So it may turn out to be a nice meetup next time.

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