This n that, Life n April


I have been busy, with this and that. The bands and music have been keeping me active. I finished up a concert with “Bamboo n Thread Kyudo ensemble” at my favorite club, Snakfin, last week. That went well. We were part of a three or four group show. It was fun, chatting with some new people and hanging out a bit. There were several Sempai from the Kyudojo that came by to watch. Once again I was shocked to hear one of the performer say they heard me someplace else. Another shock was that LZ was speaking with someone who said they came just to hear me. That was really a shock. 
LZ enjoyed going. It was her first time going in the day and getting the full visual of the club and seaside. We had lunch there before the show and the owner gave everyone dessert during a break. It was very cozy.
The other group another Bamboo and String group, the one of my Shakuhachi Sensei. I call us Sennan city Bamboo n String Trio, we had our second rehearsal for our concert next week. We had it at the center we will be playing at. It also went well. I was informed by Sensei we may have another concert next month. Cool, it is good to play with a group that is organized.
This Sat the Blues band is playing at a Street festival. We have known about this for several months. However tonight two days before the show the “Doc” suggest that we do a session at the Overheat club tomorrow (Friday)to get in a little practice before the concert on Sat ! WTF!
Ok maybe it is me, but that seems thoughtless and rude. LZ thought so too, when I told her. One day notice to do a quasi rehearsal live, at a club, in front of people. Beside the fact of no consideration for the other band members plans. The drummer said he was busy, I did not even give an answer. I told him before about some last-minute playing request. Sigh.
The Snafkin Cafe owners gave me more info on the concert in June and who is available to play with me if I want. I am still not sure what i want to do. I had considered asking my friend the Shamisen player to join me on a song I was going to write and play Shakuhachi, but, I do not feel quite ready to play public on that yet. Still I may get an idea and just go with it. My main concern is playing in tune with other instruments. It is difficult on the Shakuhachi, more so at my level. I kind of have an idea that may work, it would be an interest experiment if I can pull it off.
Next week will be busy, I have the concert with Sensei, the next day I am off to Kyoto to watch the Shinsa for Hanshis. Then next day I got a call to do a modeling job. I do not know where yet, but, the pay is good for a half days work and sort of fun.
A had a visitor from the States the other day. A Kung Fu classmate who runs a Kung Fu school and Chan temple in Las Vegas. It was a treat to see him. We go back to the mid 70’s. I had seen him about 4 or 5 yrs ago in Vegas. It was great to catch up with news and talk Chan (Zen).
He is a Chinese Zen priest and Abbot. I had been speaking with one of his old teachers as of late, getting some new training methods to deepen my on practice. I got some inspirational guidance from him about furthering my practice and now have plans to do the precepts at his temple. I had been giving some thought recently on my practice. I feel comfortable being connected to his Shanga. My main Chan Sensei is in Taiwan, and a high level figure there, but I have not been “feeling” the changes that have been taking place with the Stateside organization. I want to connect with Shifu, I met him once, but his English is poorer than my Chinese.
the master and us
I wanted to go there to visit on the way to Japan, but that did not happen. When things do not happen I feel there is usually some reason beyond what I see. Still though perhaps I will one day. One never knows what the tide will bring.
I could go deep into Japanese Zen. However, I prefer the Chinese Chan over the Japanese Zen available here. I do though have a deep interest in the Komuso Zen, which is a branch of my own Lin Chi ( Rinzai ). The Taoist principle incorporated with the Chan fits more into my “spirit” and linking in my Kung Fu and Kyudo practice. Especially my Kung Fu/Tai Chi. I have been really feeling the need to renew that side of my life. It gives me more spiritual direction. The problem here in Japan is mostly my language skills, which I need to improve. Still even with what. Have I need to start pushing more. I am thinking of offering a free class a week to anyone interested. Sort of like a Buddhist bodhisattva output of compassion to the local area. A basic holistic health training aid of sorts. Qi Gong, Meditation, Tai Chi/Kung Fu. I sort of feel once I step on that path the Universe will provide what is needed to develop the “Shanga”. Anyway I feel the idea seed developing, I will see how Universe develops it. I seem to be being pointed in that direction. 
I have started making plans for a visit Stateside this fall. There will be a lot of stops, places to go people to see. Perhaps my aging mother and uncles for the last time, which was the start of the return visit plan.

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