Ahhh, the ordeal is over. As I expected I shot bad. Some would say because I expected to, I did so…whatever.

The day started off at way to early a.m. for me to do the two hour train trip. I got there in good time to get a good locker slot. I met up with my Sempai who has been taking this YonDan Shinsa, maybe 6 times. This is my third. The last time I was here with him he got two hits and still did not pass, as did another woman from the Shrine Kyudojo. She was also here again. Testing. I had old company.


The Shinsa started with the usual formally. There was a Nana-dan doing the opening Shari. He missed both shots. Next was a line up of Four more Nana Dan and one Ryokudan. One one made a hit both rounds. Hmmm I thought.

My time was not until the afternoon. I had a long wait as it was only 9:00am.
I sat. I studied, I napped, I ate. Just before my written test I went outside to do Makiwara. Then I discovered the nice Bamboo Ya I won, was too short for my draw. Hmmm I thought, bad sign.


OK, written test started @1:00. I went in, got my seat. I checked my Japanese and English question paper against what was being wrote on the board. I was good. The head Sensei came over to me to check, if I was OK. We went over the question, and I was good!
The written part was the easy part. Always is, for me.

A short wait, then the SanDan meeting. There is always a lot being said, I usually have only a small clue. This time I figured to record. However this guy was pretty casual, and made jokes. I did get him saying, relax, something something because of the slippery floor, but nothing like what others had said before.  So much for that idea.

My Sempai made sure I understood, where my shooting spot was as Ochii, and how to back off the line and where to go afterward. That was kind but, I had all that covered, the shooting is my issue.


OK, my turn. My first time doing Resha, there was a guy in front of me also dong it. I was relaxed as the last, I could just watch, remember, and follow. That part was cool. Later I got to watch some others doing Resha as well. I am no longer nervous about that! Yatta. 

As for my shooting. The worse if any Shinsa since coming to Japan. My San Dan I hit both, first Yondan 1 hit, and a very close miss, next YonDan Shinsa, a hit and a far off miss. This time both missed cleanly. OK, maybe that is good, I have reached the bottom! Now hopefully the upturn.


another dojo mate, going for san-dan

The real disappointment of the day. I figured on not passing, I was OK with that. I planned once I shot and miss I will leave and go to the Kyudo store to get the tape on my Ya changed to something I really liked instead of settling for the mistake that was given.


I left as planned, I stay stay to see my Sempai miss his first shot, kawaii-so. Well, we will be together again in the Summer session. OK, so I take the train ride to the shop, plan, drop off the Ya, get a small bag for the cover end ,then go to Subway for a veggie Avocado wrap. I walked the 15 min to the shop and it was closed!! Now I was bummed out!  😦

I headed for Subway, at least that worked out.




3 thoughts on “Owari

  1. Otsukaresama deshita. Bummer about not passing. It’s said we learn much more from losing than winning. I guess finding meaning in that could be a giant ball of greatness for one’s kyudo. Onward and upward. Next round, sweaty summer shinsa. Ganbarimasho.

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