…and now for something completely different

Tosa is an area on the southern part on one for the island somewhat about 5 hours bus ride from Osaka. A somewhat pleasant bus ride. This is where the Tosa dog comes from. A famous breed like the Akita and the Shiba. The Prefecture is Kouchi the town is Shikoku. It is famous now for the Geopark. Deep sea saltwater baths, and water. Water which people drink for health. taste weird to me. There is also a famous place Muruto cape the site of some famous monk’s enlightenment. There are some who make pilgrimages to there. I saw such a group while there.

LZ has a job, somewhat like a mystery shopper job. She write reviews on Hotels and resorts. With some effort, and planning on her part, she can make arrangements for us to not only visit expensive places, but come away with a little money, at the least it is a almost free trip. This is one of those trips.


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