Tic Tock

Cracking down…

I have been putting in the extra effort for the up coming shinsa. I have put the Kyuhon question / answers on a ipod. I can listen to them whilst traveling to practice and at work. It is interesting re-hearing, re-reading the Kyuhon, there are different things one learns at different points in ones training life, from the things one has read before.
I went to practice today, it was crowded, I was surprised. However it did not last long, everyone left except one sempai who is the deadshot. I remarked to Yamashita Sensei who I had not seen in a while about everyone leaving and was told there is some big Renmei meeting, everyone was off to. Ah soou.
That left me and my sempai there to practice. One other woman showed up a little later. I did not hit well today, awful in fact. Oh well. It was still a worthwhile practice, really no practice is a waste. I asked sempai about aiming. He explained about how different Yumi need different sightings, according to how the string is placed. Mine as it turns out is just where I had been figuring it to be. That was encouraging, I had figured that out. So now I need to refine it more. He also explained that I do not need to bring my right arm straight back, power it back, but it should open at a slight angle, as not to throw my left arm off upon release. So many little things that add up to a big thing. Little by little things are falling in place. I do not know if I will be ready by the March Shinsa, but as I said I keep at it, sooner or later it will be my time for the pay off. It would just really really please me to make Yondan at Nogami Sensei’s dojo. If the spirits of the departed really do see what is happenng here, I think it would please him greatly for me to succeed there. That would delight me and feel somewhat like a payback for his kindness to me.
Either way. I will not give up. I have been increasing my practice time to three hours a vist instead of two, plus added another day. Today, I was set to go another hour, but a another sempai came back to the dojo and told me the building was closing at 5:00. Once I figured out what was being said I went ehhhhhhhh!! It was already 5 to 5:00! I had to rush to put thing away and dress. Just as I was leaving a worker came up, I said sorry sorry, I did not know. I am a known face there now, he just smiled and said no problem. I am most likely the only Gaijin there at the city gym. My card comes in handy at times.
So anyway. Yeah, it was both a good day and a bad day of practice. Maybe a good day of practice , a bad day of shooting is a better phrasing.
Anyway more practice…yosh!

One thought on “Tic Tock

  1. Nice post! And very well put: “a good day of practice, and a bad day of shooting”. I believe they are the cannon fodder we must make to break down those big barriers, like spring shinsa. In fact I almost feel better after those days lately. Funny, a little while ago I dropped my practice time from 3 hours to 2 hours. It has been due to other things taking time in my life, but for the next month I’ll try to get back to three. I think it’s the best.

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