plans of mice and men…

“the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”

There is a sailing expression about not being able to control the wind, but one can adjust your sails. It is rare that things go just as planned and quite a surprise when they do. Life is change.
I have been stepping up my Kyudo “game” . Finally finally finally I am starting to see some improvement results. I started keeping track of my shoot score again and yeah, there is some improvement. One day I ended with a 65% hit rate. Whooohoo I was Jazzed ( pleased) that day, I felt like I had a good chance of hitting at the Shinsa if I could keep that up. I did not , but I was still making improved regular hits from over a couple of weeks ago. My sempai who helped me correct my elbow was a big influence on that.
I am still making corrections to my from. The thing is no one has been telling me about hitting, it is always is corrections to my form, dropping the shoulders, keeping the arrow level, relaxing my arms, pull with the elbows, expand the under arm ribs…
All those things are good, but if I had not figured out my targeting point on the Yumi, none of those form corrections would have mattered. So now I am fairly locked in on where I should be targeting from on the Yumi.
Shinsa time nears…
So I got all my paperwork together, doctors note, money however. The night before I went to turn everything in for processing, I had a uncomfortable feeling, something was not right. I had the paperwork checked, hotel was set, we had spoken with my local Renmei head but, my “Zen” sense was on full tilt. Something was amiss.
I took my paperwork into the dojo the next day and met with my head Sensei. He looked at my papers, he looked at a wall chart, there was some discussion among him and a couple of others, I gave Sensei a paper from the “net” in Japanese concerning the Nagoya event, I figured it may come in handy. More talk, pointing, finally I get what is happening. It is too late for me to register. Even though I am ahead of the deadline, am too late for the processing for the deadline. What I did not know was that after my Sensei gets the paperwork, he has to submit it to the local chapter, they have to process it, then send it to Tokyo. I took it in stride and rolled with it. Sensei told me to call my wife, but she was working I said, so she would call that evening. As it turns out. Sensei nor I knew that the local deadline for turning in the paperwork was the week before. 😦
disappointment, but, not the end of the world. I am still registered for my local Shinsa in March. My plan was to go to that first, then to Nagoya to the seminar then test again if i had not passed. I figured, with several days of intense training just before the shinsa, I would be able to correct my faults and make the grade, at so I hoped. Sigh, oh well.

So as a good sailor I adjusted my sail plan. I will increase my local practice and have my own week intensive just before the local Shinsa. With the private attention I receive from my local senseis and sempai and increase in practice time, I should up my game to passing level. So even if not now, there is June, and two other chances this year. It is not like I am in the states and only get a Shinsa once a year. So yeah, anyway it is not like I have deadline. With persistence it will happen…this year! Yosh!!

As for the people I wanted to see from the States, well there was some internal political issues with the NorCal Renmei so my main friend was not attending anyway and I had changed my attendance date to the B seminar instead of the C. And now…hmmmm. Kind of a big expense just to go visiting. Will have to consider things.

I went to Kyudo practice today. It was fairly crowded. I mostly just watched for the first 30 min to an hour. Watching everyone shoulders, draw and release. Nogami Sensei had told be it is important to watch others , then practice. So I did that. Slowly people started to leave. I stretched amd watched. After a while the crowd left and I made ready to practice. The Kaicho watched me a bit then gave me a correction. I needed to raise my arm higher in Ushiokoshi and maintain that height in Daisan, seems like it is all about being setup in Daisan. It did make it easier to adjust my shoulder before going to Kai. Also I should expand more sooner, than later. It made a bg change in my shooting… My hit rate went down big time. I needed to adjust my sighting, elbows, etc. toward the end I started getting better, but it was my worse hit rate day in a while. I was totally bummed (depressed) about my end score today. The plum Chuhai with dinner helped, but mostly made me sleepy. So I am going to bed and will post this later tomorrow. ja ne!

3 thoughts on “plans of mice and men…

      • Ha! That’s good advice. I’d think that if that sounded encouraging then one is definitely on the right path. All that’s left is doing to hard work and practicing. Good luck to spring shinsa!

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