2015 – the Last jam


Chicago Rock had setup another Super Jam on the 30th. This usually means everyone who has played there is invited to the big Jam. The last time i went i went alone and it was crowded. This time the lads from the band, were going to be there. I was not really expecting to play much, I was going to support the club and do a little advertising for the band and my self. 
I missed my stop on the train ride, so add that to a bakery stop I made, I ended arriving later than I had said. I did not think it was a big deal. When I arrived it was already fairly crowded as I expected. What I did not expect was my lads already up and playing. I was requested to join it. I thought there would be the usual overload of Bass players. However I was the only one. 
On a side note, maybe to many Whites, all us Black folks really do look alike. I always get oh, how have you been or something like it has been a while since seeing you, like these people know me when they see me at a club somewhere. Tonight was no different. Some Gaijin says to me, oh you are still here, around, it has been a while…ehhhh?!? I never saw this guy before! I just smiled and kept walking. I forget names quick, but never a face.
Oh well, it is at times slightly amusing, just saying.
As it turns out my lads’s playing time was up and another group of players are up next to take the stage area, I would play with them. I did not mind, as I wanted to play with some other players, so it worked out well. My guys took a break, I plugged in and got ready for the new dudes. As normal there were harmonica players, so I did not open my Harps and just settled in with my Bass. I played with another trio. Then a couple more players came a keyboardist and a woman singer who also played harp. She was so so, however the keyboardist was good. He introduced himself to me later as ” Rolling Cat”. I had played with him before once, but we did not speak. Also a woman drummer sat in. She was good and solid. I liked her playing, not fancy, just really solid. Better than our drummer. I had seen this woman before with her group. 
I ended up playing with three or four different sets of people, it was fun to play with better players than usual doing Blues. I did not play with my guys at all and did not care. I heard several times the Doc, say that is “my” Bass player. It was a bit irksome. I was asked to sing, I was not really into it. I did however join in singing with the keyboard on one song, only because my friend/fan had said she only came to hear me as she did the other night.
The night rolled on, more people came to play. My guys hung out hoping to play again. I said it is doubtful if that will happen as there are so many waiting their turn. I said I was done and packed my stuff to head home. I did a few short chats on my way out. My purpose was done for the night. I supported the bar owner, I had my presence noticed by other players, I met and played with some new people, a good ending for the musical year.
On another note, I have been listening to the DVD the club ” master” gave me of our show in Nov. I can see why no one comes out to the shows. It is pretty sad. Not too bad musically, at times, but not really good, interesting, entertaining. Boring really. The Doc, the leader should really stick to just playing and not sing, also not be the front man, better to be the lead guitarist from the background. He does not really have stage presence as a front guy…my opinion. The band would do a lot better with some other players, 1st choice a keyboardist, second a horn player, third both! On the other hand the band would sound a lot better with some rehearsal…a LOT! Sometimes, depending on the song and how simple it is done, we can pull it off fairly descent with no rehearsal. Like this song, Merry Christmas Baby first time done. Did not sound too bad, hard getting the Doc to stop playing, and end, but that is another story 🙂
It so weird to play regularly with zip for practice, nada, not even a song list. Sigh, but it is not my call or my name as the leader. I have tried! sigh, I will continue to play with these guys, however I will be keeping my feelers out for other opportunities, such as with the Jazz group and the Kyudo Group or starting, joining another ensemble. I need to keep improving myself and make better music. KInd of like playing the Shakuhachi and seeking that perfect note. Sadly the people playing the music I mostly like are the Gaijin out in Kobe, which is too far to be practical for me. Oh well, I will play the hand I have been dealt, and flow with the Universe..
In the mean time…
This is my cross, my practice, my training…yosh!

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