Quanzhou Jazz Society

Quanzhou Jazz Society End of the year party

It had been a couple of months since I have been able to attend. Work or Kyudo reasons being in the forefront. I have been looking forward to it. Playing something beside Blues is fun, and even better with good players. I like the Club 24, all the people are nice, as they are most places I go, All so far in fact!
Anyway, I arrive after they had started, as planned, i heard them Jamming as I walked up. There was a what I thought was a cop standing knocking on the door. When I came up he moves aside after asking if. was going in. I check his shield it is a rent-a-cop. I asked was it too loud, he said something, long. So I just nodded and went in. The owner spotted me, he waves, I wave back and give sign language for him to come over there is a badge-wearing dude outside.
He looks slightly irked, but welcomes me and goes outside. I go to bar and see his wife to pay my fee. I notice a spot at the end of the bar, after seeing the place is packed. The guy in the end seat motions for me to sit, it is ok. I speak with him a little, and he tells me he plays piano and shows me a couple of pictures and says he is the new Bar/ club owner. We chat a bit more ( mostly him talking), I go grab some food and prepare to settle in for the night, and fully check out the room.
It is a large group of people. Surprising as the last time there were some, but this time seriously full. I stayed in the corner just taking it al in.
After a while the wife of the organizer has me sit with her. I was thankful, very thankful the bar corner was smoky! I was dying in the corner!
After a short bit I am asked to play Harp on a Jazz tune. I go and join in. It was fun, it took me a while to find the right key. I asked one guy, he just showed me his fingers on the guitar fret board. I understood, but it did not sound right. Since it was a Jazz tune not a Blues tune I needed a different harp. It took me a short while to find one that would work. Afterward I am asked if I’m ready to do a couple of songs. I agree and make ready.
A few players assembled to Jam with me. I heard a voice that had asked me about playing “Summertime” again bring it up. He was answered by the MC, I will be doing it. Ok, I am fairly surprised. I had only done the song one time before months ago, but I guess this guy was impressed with it, although I did not remember him from that night. The band gathered, I asked for a couple of others instruments to join and gave out the cord chart from them to follow.

The drummer asked about the beat, I gave him the count and showed him what I was going to play since it was way different from what the keyboard player started to play. First problem, the Drummer, could not “find” the beat, oh boy! hmmm, then out from the side another guy shows up and steps in on the drums, saying he got this.

Ozaki Jazz band ...where is the beat brah
The old drummer stands and starts to leave I remember him as the conga players also and asked him to play those instead. He is happy with that arrangement, as am I. We start the groove… It turns out ok, not the ending I wanted, and other than losing my voice issues it went ok, for a song with no rehearsal and new to each other players, being directed by a foreigner with limited language skills 🙂 The Sax player was good and cute!
. The second song did not go as well as the first, it was harder to follow. The changes I made in the arrangement and my own newness to it did not help. However it was pulled off ok, the audience, was very easy going, friendly in a good mood and drinking so did not really care about mistakes and lost of place in the song. It was kept going and ended well. One of the things I noticed about this group is they are very supportive. There is a trumpet player who played with me every time. He is not really that good as yet. There were a couple of really good horn players there that night.
However when this “kid” was called up he was given a big encouragement by many. Good folks.
The rest of the evening I just watched and enjoyed.
I did not stay until the end and called it a night about 7:00pm. I could have gone over to Snafkin and joined in actives, but I was done for the night after my bass started to weigh heavy on my shoulders on the walk to the train station. I had to work the next day at the boat yard. It was the end of the year work day, and everyone was to be helping with cleaning. I figured I would save some strength for the unknown chores tomorrow.

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