Osamei-kai, this n That


The end of the year Rei-kai was held the other day. I do not recall if I went last year, I am pretty sure I did. Perhaps this is the first year it held some meaning to attend and not just another Rei-Kai. I did not expect to do that well, it was really in my mind practice. I did do better than I thought. Not enough to win anything, but enough for me to feel like I am making some improvement. I did not suck as bad. Mostly my shots were just under or above the Mato, instead of clumped together to the lower right. Now it is a matter of finding my vertical line, the horizontal seems to be mostly working, since correcting the right elbow.
The was a very relaxed Tai Kai. I saw the Kaicho giving shooting pointers even while the match was going on to a couple of people. The sempai who helped me the other day was the over all winner. 
The whole thing started with some Renmei dojo business, of which I had no idea what was going on, other than they were talking about money at first, end of the year stuff.
It was really cold , like winter had just dropped in that day. Everyone almost was wearing jackets when not shooting on on the floor. At one point I forgot I was wearing my hat when I went out to shoot with the group. In the line-up almost going to shoot It is raised to my attention I have my hat still on. Several people had told me before ” don’t for get to take off your hat” i did the first round but forgot on the second… Doh! Oh well, I am a gaijin, no one gave it much thought other than a moment chuckle. I laughed at myself also.
During the rest break I found the warmest spot!
The Next Day:
I returned to the dojo today, the day after the Rei Kai. I planned on keeping score, thinking I should have a good day after the revelation of the right shoulder thing. It started good with a hit …bam…then went down hill from there. Into the abyss of another sucky day. I was thinking when I noticed how bad my shoot was, every time I think I made a break through and my old stuff is better, I get a notice my stuff still stinks. Today was no different. Two Sensei Sempai called me on a couple of things I thought I had corrected, where still wrong. Sometimes I do it right when they are guiding me, but on my own it was sucky. Sigh. So I am back to square one on a couple of things, well more than that really, I noticed, with much pain that I was not getting yugari at all and kept getting smacked with the string. 😦
I am not feeling like I am moving forward at all today. The other day I was feeling, yeah I still got a way to go, but I can do it in the Spring! Bampaku…Yosh. Well today I am feeling; not ready, not even close. Will need more time, a lot more time and practice. There was a bit of comfort in seeing another classmate who has been at the YonDan Shinsa trials a LOT longer than me. She was also getting some of the same corrections with her shoulders, back, elbow…stuff. The un-ending story, I still see Renshi’s getting some adjustments on that.
Hidden Dojo annex
I may have a spot for some 28 meter shooting practice. Whilst out looking for such a spot, down by the river(creek) I came across an almost perfect spot. I thought I would look because I see there is a golf practice range of sort setup on one side of the bank.
The spot I am thinking is under the overpass for the shooting line. Shooting out into an open field. I can see anything coming, which would be rare, on the other hand I would not be seen until going to retrieve my Ya.
There is very little foot traffic in the area and none where I would be, on the river bank. I will not have anything fancy or attention grabbing other than a couple of boxes for a mato.
Anyway it will be helpful, since my dojo time is limited now due to winter work cut backs. I have to be now more creative with my Spring Training.

2 thoughts on “Osamei-kai, this n That

  1. Always love the dojo pics. Secret dojo under the bridge!? Very cool, but I’m also super worried that you’ll find yourself and the dojo in some trouble for it. I recommend magic invisible ninja cloaks for you and your gear.

    • Heheh, yeah. I said something about the idea to my wife , she did not even miss a breath, she is usually sensitive to this type of possible issue, so. Think it is not a big deal, being out of the way and all. However i will research further before running the risk.

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