Kyudo: Steps on the Dao…

Steps in the Dao…

I have been getting back to a more serious training mindset, slowly. I have started getting in some form of Kyudo daily, makiwara, gomiyumi, like my Shakuhachi practice even just working on a pure tone, in the Case of Kyudo, purifying my Daisan and Hikiwaki. I could classify my Shakuhachi practice as part of Kyudo due to the breathing aspects, but I am not not going to go there and open a whole lot more senerios and additions to the backpack. Also planking after morning Zazen and getting some Taiji in at least on my Kyudo days. Cross Training Shaolin Chan style of sorts. Which is kind of interesting in that, I started to Kyudo to help my “Kung Fu”, now using the Shaolin Skill to help train on the Kyudo path. However, I have been slacking with the physical part… weather change, only one student, lazy, blah blah, whatever, that aspect of my “Holistic Practice”. Shame on me. Well,with the recent news of workday cut backs at work, due to the winter slow down, I will have more time to practice, but less money for it. Going to the Dojo I mean I can still practice more at home now. Also spend sometime learning the Kyohon for that pesky written part of the Shinsa.
I had a spark of enlightenment the other day with using the Gomiyumi. My elbow, the right one needs to point down not back. I have been told before and again the other day, I was pulling it too far back, back as into my back area not my back as in side area, where it needs to be. (That was too many commas right? Sorry, Deal with it!) The slight turn down helps me focus on staying, power wise, balanced, to the arrow tip. I got into the Dojo today to try it out, this theory, with real practice action.
Yes; it works, today, rarely did I have the just off the lower right cluster strikes. Much more I had shots in the center but, missing too low or high by inches. So yeah. I am making progress. Slow, but it is happening. I may start keeping track of my hit rate again soon. I still need to work on a balanced release. This, going by what a sempai told me today, is my issue. He also helped me to understand better the release with the fingers thing. I was too extreme. The unbalanced reえlased is causing my left arm to drop more as I am overpushing to the left. I need to work on holding my center. My left is better than before, but it needs to be better. yeah progress.
Sometimes progress is just understanding, where, what one’s weaknesses are. You can not defeat your demons, until you face them.
So yeah little by little I am setting up for Spring.
” the road is long with many a winding turn”


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