Kyoto: The Fall of Autumn

LZ did the planning for a short trip to Kyoto, This was for me to have my first and her’s Kyoto autumn leave viewing.

She was told that this day we were arriving was perfect. The leaves were not quite at their peak and this late the crowds were few in size.



It was a weather pleasant day, The crowds were so so, large for a countryside dweller these days. The trees were nice, but I could tell they were past their peak. I mentioned it to LZ after awhile, not as a big deal just an observance. It took her a while to notice, then arrived, yes the info was not quite correct. Still it was a nice viewing.

The highlight of the viewing was going to a nearby Shrine for a night viewing of Autumn trees on their grounds under lighting. That was very cool, even though we got rushed a bit since it was near/past closing.

So this is my first Photo Blog of sorts. I have one of Hiroshima but have not sorted it as yet. mada mada. Click the link for photoblog >>>>>> Kyoto Autumn waning



One thought on “Kyoto: The Fall of Autumn

  1. Damn, I’m jealous!!! I’ve never seen Kyoto in fall, but it looks pretty awesome. Went to some temples around here in the hills and it’s all very natural, but something about the arranging of it all in a place like Kyoto, with the light ups … it looks hard to beat. I’ve always wanted to try to shoot leaves with arrows. Thanks for the post.

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