Arrow day

Arrow Day

Today is the one month anniversary of my ordering new Ya, a full set of 6. Not a big deal to many but for me a first. In the past I only purchase a set of 4 or/and a couple of times only two. Money issues. This time I worked A LoT to get some extra hours to cover the cost of a new set. Not the cheapest set, but, a custom set with sturdy feathers. I took a picture in I photoshoped to be clear what I wanted. I went in and ordered, I was told I did not have to pay until I came back to check the order. Hmm ok. Sort of hassle but, a small thing.
I wait…
Finally the call comes they are ready! Whoohoo cool. They are just arrows, but I had design chi invested. My wife was told I could pick them up or they could mail it free. After some thought and HEARiNG from the Minister of Finance about the transportation savings by having it mailed…I compled to the logic. The wife was to pay bank transfer, then they ship. The next day the YA arrived, with an invoice. We were shocked they just shipped first. I was happy happy. They looked cool, not as cool as I thought they would, something seemed off, but still good!

I spoke with the wifee about shipping my old Ya for re-feathering.

I looked at the Ya a couple of more times during the next few hours and then it hit me. There was something left off that would have made what I was seeing click, snap crackle and pop. I was not going to say anything, just told the wife. Again with some thought, I asked her to call. Telling her it maybe my fault, something lost in the translation, it was not big deal, maybe they missed something let’s see.

The next day she called, they were very nice, after tracking down the guy who helped me, yeah, it was my fault. I thought he was asking about something else I did not want. Oh well! They are still nice Ya, and no one really cares about the style except me. Which will not help me at all with passing the Shinsa, but …I will look good, pass or fail. You know, Shin Zen Bi , Hahahahaha


I went to the dojo today with my new Ya to switch out for the old ones. I will have those repaired and use them for the everyday stuff. The new set, will be for official stuff, Shinsa, TaiKai, Rei Kai. I will not look like a pauper at least with ragged Ya. Hmmmmm where was I ??

Oh yea, the Dojo today had others with new Ya, mine was the cheapest of the lot, theirs were all Bamboo. One sempai said she liked the Bamboo because it felt good on her face. I still liked mine.


Now the important stuff…

The Kaicho gave me a correction today, I was not starting into Kai from a level Daisan. I was tilted.
After that correction I hit four times in a row. That did not last, but still it was my. Best hit day in a while.
I think I am narrowing it down to the major flaw(s) I need to correct to raise my over all hit rate. We’ll see. Spring shinsa and the seminar are still a few month off for me to work within. Time to step up the training a bit after this work set I commented myself to for next month…Yosh!
I have not seen the paperwork show up at the dojo yet for the Oceanic event. Still even with my hit rate increasing , I need to learn Rinsa, my knees are pretty shot for doing long period kneeling, beside getting up and down. Maybe those full lotus positions for meditation have taking a toll…or ??

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