Regional Tai Kai -Nov

Regional KyudoTai Kai – Nov 2015

This past weekend my Dojo held the regional Kyudo Tai Kai. The turnout was fairly large by my judgment. Larger than I was expecting. There were perhaps 6 dojos more or less from the area. I was assigned to do photos again. Which works out just fine. I can practice my photo shots. I think this time I did the best with the lighting and settings. I was pleased with the results. I will only be putting up a few here. 
The Kaicho did the opening Sharei, he is smooth. I also like watching Yamashita Sensei doing it. Both are good shots, I think the Kaicho looks a bit more relaxed and Yamashita Sensei looks a bit more formal…to me. Subtle difference seems like.


I used my new Yumi when my group was called up. I was second in my group which is my favorite place, still even though I am used to the way of things. The Omae for my group is or was the Osaka Champion. It hit all his shots every time he was up, except one. I was not expecting to do well with the new bow, so whatever I hit was fine with me. I think I did almost as well as the sensei behind me. I hit once every time out of four, once I hit two of four. So I was pleased as I had no expectations.
Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 5.54.16 PM
My former classmate from the States was there. He wanted to see my dojo and how things ran here in Japan. We stated at 9:30 am, he arrived at 11:00. I showed him a spot to watch from and after a while went back to check on him. He asked what time the Tai Kai was going to start. He was quite surprised to find we already had. He said, but everyone is so relaxed. There are no teachers yelling at the students or others! I simply said yeah, it is a different world here from where you come from.
Later I introduced him to Yamashita Sensei. At that time I asked if the school my schoolmate wanted to join was there today. He checked on the list and said yes, 14 people from there. A few are up now. Yamashita Sensei also said he would introduce him to a sensei from there, and went and found one of the head sensei’s from that Dojo. He and my friend spoke awhile and made arrangement for him to come in to start the entry process. Again my former classmate was surprised how helpful everyone was. No sense of turf ego.
It was a long day yet everyone had a good time. Addition to the prize trophy there were boxes of fruit, blankets, and other items given out as prizes. At the after event meeting, the members of my dojo split up the remaining selections of fruit so everyone got something beside the good feeling of a pleasant day of Kyudo practice.

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