Small steps

Small steps…

I went to practice today, I did not let the rain stop me, after all it is just water. There were not a lot of people there but more than I expected. However by the time I was ready, many had put in there time and were leaving. I did not put on my full gear, just my gi top, the black one in fact, I was in a low key state of mind. I got a few comments, none of them were bad, just curious where I got it and if it was a Kyudo gi or Aikido or something.
I have been for the last couple of times been shooting with two yumi. I have the new Bamboo one there and the old, the Bamboo half breed. I can certainly tell the difference, weight and draw. However, i have noticed I can shoot better now with the halfie since I spent the time working on my form with the lighter glass bow. Also after shooting with it, when using “Aki Hime” everything falls more into place.
Interesting today, my hit rate increased not by much, but it did. I have not been tracking it like before, but I can tell. It is still not good, but getting better. I did not put so much effort into finding the spot by looking for a spot on my yumi, but just by feeling, sensing the spot and being level. I really notice it when I paid attention to staying level coming out of Daisan into Kai and then focus on pushing , and using my under arm muscles to keep my arm from dropping. Yamashita Sensei was there today he pointed out a couple of things. One I was not lowering both of my shoulders together out of Daisan, my left was already down, in Daisan, and I was just dropping my right, this caused some un-balance. Also I was tending to lend into the shot and not stay level. Lastly I only needed light power in my left under arm. To much, like I was doing at time cause my release to jerk. The Kaicho told me to be aware of dividing my release equally left and right. Also I had too much tension when doing ushiokoshi, I needed to relax my arms more.
I can only judge if I am improving by what I am currently being corrected on or perhaps , I mean what I am not being corrected on.
Well anyway, I think I am making progress. I love my new bow, it is a pleasure to shoot with it. The Kaicho checked it over again today as did Yamashita Sensei, both gave their approval on it. I notice that people notice when I have a new bamboo yumi. Maybe because I was using that patched up Fiberglass yumi for a while. Now I have moved on up to the real deal.
A big Tai Kai coming this Sunday. I have been asked to handle photos again…cool

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