A day in the life…Taji, Kyudo, Jazz

Some days it just all flows together, this was one of those days. It started with a Tai Chi class. My student brought along a friend. I held it at the local shrine, it was a perfect day with the weather. Birds were out singing, it was a great morning for a TaiJi class. The friend of my student was visiting from Korea where she works. Blond blues eyes. I said oh, I guess I can just speak English to you, she laughed and said please it is all I know except five words in Korean, and said them. One of the words was Praying Mantis. Said ehh, Praying Mantis?! She said yes some kids in a park taught me, there are a lot of them there. I said oh, like this and showed her my school shirt. She was excited and got her camera to take a picture.

Next up after some lunch I headed off to Kyudo practice. It was a kind of slow day there. Good for practice. I worked with my new Yumi, Aki Hime. The Kaicho noticed it and inspected it and afterward gave his approval. He was impressed it was made in America. A while later another senior sempai came it. He also noticed my new bow and looked it over. He gave me some pointers on some adjustments, string height and placement, massaging the lower end so the height of the string at the top is not too great, several helpful things. I have excellent help there at Kishiwada.
After a while everyone left and I got to shoot alone. I always enjoy that. It was great to shoot with a Bamboo Yumi again, so smooth. I am still not hitting worth a crap, but that is another story. It will take a while to develop accuracy with a new bow and where to sight.
Lastly, I had planned on going by the Snafkin Cafe. The woman who’s Sax playing I like was to be there with her band, I wanted to see them. However, I was close to not going, but I gathered my Chi/Ki and headed out. When I arrived sort of late in the show, the place was packed. As expected she is popular and very good. I am not a big fan of tenor sax but her sound is good! Once their set was over the place emptied pretty fast. The band stayed on playing just a bit. The club owner’s wife came over and talked with me. Told me about the band members and introduced me. She said I should join them for a song, I declined. We spoke more, a couple of the members also spoke with me, said the had heard of me, and wanted to play together also the Bass player wanted to play with me, so we’d be doing two basses. I gave in they hooked me up as I did not bring my Bass, only my harmonicas. 
This turned into the high point of my day! OMG we sounded good, the hot sake I had to warmup when I got there helped me relax. We did a couple of songs together and sugoi we smoked! One song was a little rough getting started, but once we found the groove and everyone understood the changes…wow, too bad there was no recording of it!
It made me really want to be with a good band. 
I left shortly after that as I had to catch my train, it was a great ending to a good day!

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