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I have not posted about Kyudo in a while. I am still at it, but just quietly practicing. Working on correcting my weak points. It is a struggle. I think I changed something only to find out the correction makes something else go out of whack. My two biggest issues , beside not hitting is my right shoulder and my knees. The knees have nothing to do with shooting but it does give me concern, I need to learn the standing form…soon! The shoulder is a concern, it does not keep me from shooting, but it does keep me from looking good. I am alway told about. 

The problem is it tight, I tend to raise it I am told. I am unsure if it is due to the old benign tumor I have been told I have in the chest shoulder area or not. However if I really really focus I can lower it to the approval of the Sempais. 
Anyway, yeah I am still working at it. 
Some good news for me, I finally got my new Yumi, a yonsun from the States. 14 kg. a Symanski Bow, Kyoto style. I finally got to shoot it after having to wait for several days due to work. Smooth. After shooting with glass for several month, I can really tell the difference. It was a good choice. The only issue I had with it was, getting the string adjusted to the correct length. The cost was half of what it would have cost me for a made in Japan Yumi. With the saving, I ordered a set of new Ya, with black Eagle feathers. A step up but still reasonable, plus new strings, a mix hemp/ syth blend.
So my equipment is stepped up now I just need to do the same with my skills. I feel that too is slowly happening, I need to persevere, spring Shinsas are not that far away. There maybe a fairly sizable group coming from the states to test this year, people I know. It will be nice to see them.

I had a pleasant surprise the other day, I was contacted by a former classmate from Ca. He is living here in Osaka now, as is another classmate. This one is living in our old area of Osaka. We met over at Ikai Kyudo store, and caught up on things. Interesting he had the same opinion about same people we know in the states, we never met together, so had separate encounters with them. So it is not just me. Well anyway, I told him all the Kyudo people I have met in Japan have been helpful. Any dojo you join will be good. He is looking to join one that is near him. I have attended there and have a sempai from Nagomi Sensei attending there.

I was giving my classmate some advice on choosing a bow whilst in the Ikai store. Mostly about choosing a power size. The owner, a Go-dan was listening and agreed with every thing I said. I guess I have picked up a few things in my time spent.
I have heard over the years, do not draw a Takai Yumi and then let it go without an arrow in it. However I have read that using a hemp string when it breaks using a Takai Yumi it refreshes the Yumi, the Ikai owner said the same thing. So What is the difference between breaking whilst shooting or shooting with no ya? Ahh perhaps because it is fully open when the string breaks.
I have about a month of waiting time before my new Ya are ready. My orginal plan for my shooting colors where black and Purple. I have modified that to Brown, Black and purple. Different but not too flashy, sort of shibumi. Yeah, no one really cares though but me, the artist trip thing.
And thats the local news.

6 thoughts on “Kyudo World

  1. Hi Zen. Weilong Wang here. For various reasons, I am thinking about taking up kyudo. I think the one I am looking at is a different school from what you do, but I would like to ask you about the bow a bit, if you don’t mind. May I bother you for an opinion?

      • Thanks. First question is, what is the difference between the different schools? The local dojo seems to be a minor group, not affiliated with the national association. What school do you practice with?

      • There is a Taoist saying about, not getting lost on the finger pointing to the moon or you will miss the beauty of the moon. Schools are like that. Kyudo is Kyudo. It is the moon. If you are interested in Rank and tournaments, international acknowledgement, the finger then you need a dojo within the National Organization. If you are interested in pure Kyudo, it does not matter if the school is a member or not of the Federation. Kyudo matters, the training matters.

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