Kishiwada Kyudo Music Ensemble


I was asked by my Kyudo Sempai, the one who lent me his Shakuhachi to play on a song with him and the other Sempai at an appearance at Snakfin. I agreed of course. I like the Snafkin club, I felt I owed him, I liked the idea of expanding my musical gender. Even though it was a western song, from West Side story, one of my favorite musicals. Still Shakuhachi, Bass, and guitar had been something I had been thinking about for a while. As it turns out later that song was changed to a song from the Titanic. No matter. Then that one song was changed to five. Ok, I was getting more pumped about it. One of the songs was a Japanese song, maybe two of them.

I arrived at the club just a little late as they were sitting up. I was surprised to see the place empty except for one table of folks, which turned out to be other Sempai from the Kyudojo and their husbands. We all greeted and I got ready to play. We did a couple of songs, without problems for the most part. No rehearsal for me, just reading off a cord chart. Fairly simple stuff so not a big deal. It went ok. 
This went on for several songs, then i was asked to do a song, ehhhhhh. Ok, after some hesitation as i was not ready. I sat at the piano and did a short blues tune. Most were shocked I played piano as well. Then Sempai played a solo shakuhachi piece, lastly the owners wife on piano and sempai played the song Tonight. I was given the chart by the other sempai and softly played along. It was a fun evening. 
Once over everyone was getting ready to go. The owner asked me to stay a while and hang out. I agreed. We chatted, played a little and had a nice little mix.
I was asked to have a picture taken so they could put it up on their wall of performers, as I was the #2 celebrity of their little club . A nice complement, not really true but still a nice thought, so I agreed. I was told a couple of other people who I knew were coming in later in the month, if I was free please come back. One of which is a really good Sax player. I had meet her before. I liked her sound. She is the number 1 celebrity. Several people i have encountered spoke of her. Including my medical Doctor who knows her. He shocked me on my last visit by showing me a picture of me on a club ad with her. They are friends, also a couple of people with the Jazz band know her, one of who has taken lessons from her. I am looking forward to playing with her again. She will have her Bass player, however, I will bring, my harps and perhaps sing. The other person coming on the other date is the woman who plays shamisen who I work with at Aoki Yacht school. I wish i was good enough to play Shakuhachi with her, but I will bring my Bass that night and sit in a bit. Her band, well a portion of the band will be doing some Okinawan songs. I have wanted to play something different.
So yeah, it was nice to hang out a bit with the club owners. We talked and jammed a bit together before I needed to catch my train. The husband gave me a ride to the train station afterward, so it was easy for me to get home, from the first show of the Kishiwada Kyudo Music Ensemble.

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