Bands, music, and clubs …oh my

Bands, music, and clubs …oh my

There has been a lot of music stuff going on since my last music post. Along with other stuff, I have been too busy to post. Rather than do separate post now on all the stuff I will condense it…with what I can remember .
Ozaki Jazz fellowship.
I returned to the Jazz band for a second time. I was more aware of what was happening, so more relaxed. I had a couple of songs prepared to do with the group. I had sent in a youtube link of them and prepared a chart for the group to follow. Still it was a bit rough as would be expected with no practice, just here is a chart, this is the beat, blah blah, ready set go. It for the most part turned out ok. I did a funky version of Summertime, ala Marcus Miller, also St James Infirmary and Watching the River Flow. None were perfect, but after the groove was settled into it sounded fairly good. The crowd liked it, and the players got into it after we got the groove going.
Now that I was more relaxed I joined in on a couple of other standard Jazz tunes, with singing. I had never really thought of myself as a vocalist, l but I am starting to get comfortable with doing it and sometimes even impress myself, stepping outside of my comfort zone.
Another return to the fellowship, I was rather pushed for time with other things happening so only prepared two songs this time. They were a bit more complex, Watermelon man and St Louis Blues. Both via Herbie Handcock arrangements. They did not go as well as I thought/ hoped or I heard in my head, but again once everyone settled into the songs it turned out ok. The thing is since this is all about just fun and music practice it does not matter if there are mistakes and flops.
Having heard me play harmonica last time on a Jazz tune, I was asked again this time to play along on Harmonica on a Jazz tune. Not bad, not great but ok, even more so considering I am using a blues Harp not a chormantic. I did not sing as much this time, just a bit. However I am feeling more comfortable with these folks and enjoyed watching and listening and making a couple of new friends, we exchanged Facebook data.
Another nice thing about this club is the fee is only 1,000 yen for us to be there, and that includes one drink and also food! The owner puts out a bunch of finger foods for us to munch down on. The owner is alway very kind to me, well most clubs I go to the owners are nice. This guy looks like he is low level Yakuza, but I like him, he is cool.


I will need to miss the Oct. session as the Blues Band is playing in Nara at some festival. I just found out the Nov session will be on the same day as my monthly Kyudo Rei Kai. This maybe a bit of a problem. I will need to arrange my priorities. It is doubtful I can pull off both. The Rei Kai will help with practice for the Shinsa in the Spring, the Jazz band is just for fun. The Shinsa has a higher ” do it” rating. However we’ll see, I may able to swing both.
Once again back to Overheat. I got our start time before hand, so did not sit through the whole lineup loke last time. I was running a bit late but made it in time. I got there ten minutes before we went on. Our drummer said he was going to come this time, however did not. Not surprising to me. I really dislike that he says he is going to do something then backs out. If it was up to me he would be replaced, even though it would make us not an international band.
When it was our turn the Doc, tells me we have a local drummer sitting in. Ok, cool I think. He was not a great drummer, but he was there, he laid back and tried to get. Feel for the song and was not overbearing, I like that, beside holding a steady beat and not throwing in some weird timing. Once again we are up
and the Doc says after he does a couple of songs, ok, what shall we play, how about you singing?
Sigh. I really really dislike that. That is not how a professional does things. Ok, I did a couple of songs, then made him do something again. The last songs was on me again and he once again turned into a group session with a couple of other guitar players from the viewership joining. That was fun. I enjoy doing those. Too bad there were not other instuments like with the Jazz group to join in, like a keyboard player and some horns. Oh well.
Nursing Home concert:
We did a nursing home benifit last year where the Doc works. We were asked once again to do it. It was sort of an anniversary show for us. As our first or maybe second showcase as a group. Ofcourse after a year of playing together we were much more relaxed and sort of more together sounding. The Doc only choose his opening song before hand then it was ok, what shall we do now. Unbelievable! If I had my name as the “group” I would be more concerned about the “appearance “. Sigh, anyway we got through it, fairly well, no major messups, sort of low key proformance. The people liked it, which is really what it is about.
Our reward was some free food and game coupons.
Chicago Rock Club:
We had another appearence at the Chicago Rock club. To tell the truth at this point I do not really remember much about it. It went as well as other times. Again a midweek show, with only one or two people showing up to watch. It was to be our last show there for a couple of months. I am kind of surprised , no I AM surprised we even got another booking at all. We do not sound bad, but do not draw any people. Because of mid-week? Hmmm I do not think so, but maybe. We have a Sat night booking on Nov. we’ll see.

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