Aug Zen

Aug Zazen

It was that time again for a monthly Zazen session. I arrived at Sensei’s office to get my ride hookup as we set off after connecting. 
As with most times, someone was already there and had setup the pillows. Sensei was already changed and so we sat whilst others arrived, bit by bit. My habit, which I followed as always is to stretch while waiting. I was not concerned about my knee this time, that was a relief. It still hurt as it has been for weeks, but I knew I could deal with it for long Zazen. The standard back and legs asleep where the only issue, oh and varied itches.
I had decided or figured out, one could say, that I needed to put more effort into the purity of my sitting, following the lead of shakuhachi practice. Seeking the purity of the note. I needed to focus on the purity of my “Chan Ding” , in short purity of my sitting, quality. I have been slacking on my effort other than just sitting. So these long sessions are good for me working on my chakras. I needed to use more effort or rather more focus.

Overall the sitting went well, only the standard discomforts. I was able to manage more internal chakra focus before spacing out during the sitting.
Afterward we as normal we went to the tea sitting room. The head Monk spoke with us a bit about the typhoon and some other items, of which I knew nothing. We had tea during the introductions. I only said my name this time following the lead of the Yakuza dude. Later that evening on the ride home Sensei said and I agreed. The Yakuza dude seemed a lot more relaxed and friendly tonight. I was surprised to see him smiling and making some kind of joke.

We dismissed with bow to the head monk on our way out. It was pleasant enough, the evening. The big thing for the night was there was a new meditator, and during the stick hitting part sensei broke his paddle hitting this woman.




There were jokes about it during tea and she was given the paddle as a souvenir. So I am sure there was no pain or injury involved with this. Still I will pass on requesting it. I do, no longer jump at the sound, but I am still not down with being hit.


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