OverHeat revisited


Return to Overheat, the club

Wow, it has been almost a month since I posted. In the past this would have not mattered much as there were only two or three readers. I now have a noticed I have 51 followers, wow, shocking. Doubtful they all really follow, but still. Wow!

With that in mind I should up date. I have been on the busy side with living stuff to blog about. I can not just make this stuff up, well I could and one path of thought is that I am making it up. “We make our own reality” or “we write our stories”, others say, it is already written we live according to a script. Hmmmm. Whatever…

This was my second time playing at Overheat. The Doc had been there last month with out me as I had a real job that day. This month I was back. The Doc had taken care of my entrance fee and was there waiting when I arrived. There were less people than last time, but all seemed really into what was happening. 
As it turned out we were the last act scheduled to play. So I got my drink and I sat to wait and watch. It was a variety of acts. I was not impressed with any. They had their heart it in it, but the skill was not there yet. It reminded me of a karaoke bar setting, where people who do not sing very well, no dreams other than singing this local bar go to have fun for the evening, with live music. I could not help but wonder why the Doc wants to play here? From today’s show and some other thoughts and input showing later, I figured out he does not care about developing, his playing is all about the moment, wherever that moment is located. Playing tight, smooth, professional, none of that matters only the moment of enjoying the playing. Pretty “Zen” like, in a way. It does lack the quality part, quality of the practice which is also “Zen”.
We waiting through the acts and finally it was our turn. We are setting up, I want to check the turning to him. He did not want to put much effort into it. While I was still arranging myself he was ready and said “we should start playing something” and starts. Ok, i am thinking hmmm. He is paying for this spot, they are not paying us, he should take his time and be fully ready not rushing. Ok, I join in a few moments later. He is really into his slide guitar now so the song was a slide blues . We did the song, it sounded so so. I had to play in a key a step lower than what he said the song was in, because we were out of tune. Then we do another song. Next he wants me to sing a song, what do you want to sing I am asked? then asks ” are we in tune?” No! I said that in the beginning, I said. We took a moment to match tuning. Good grief, WTF!
The rest of the set went ok. In fact one of the songs was pretty fun as a couple of the guitar players that were there joined us. It gave a nice full sound and change the vibe more of a whole, instead of us playing to them.
There is a saying, all’s well that ends well. We ended well, so the rest, whatever…

Next session there is late in Sept. It is ok, since the Doc is paying the entry fee of 15.00 (which includes one drink) I will plan on arriving closer to our start time so I do not have to sit through all of the acts. It is not really an enjoyable venue however it is in my mind, practice.



3 thoughts on “OverHeat revisited

      • Craaaaaaazzzyyyyyyy … at first very strange, by the end, very very very amazing. How can we possibly bridge the gap? In the transitions between all the stages I felt my hands rising in uchiokoshi, I wonder what the all the people around me thought I was doing? All I can imagine is analogies to the bow … but then the bow might not have anything to do with all these things. It’s just opening. Open. Open your technique, your mind, your body, your experience. The bigger the better, the finer and deeper the sharper. Just happy to hold a bow again and it’s nice to disappear again. Onwards and upwards! Ganbarimashou.

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