65 trips around the sun


Six Five

This week or so, past was my birthday autumn solstice. I had not planned it that way, however since the Universe put it out there, I accepted. There is a saying by Elkhert (s.p) about taking everything as if you planned it. Some would say we did…

LZ also had a birthday this month as did her friend . They wanted to go to restaurant we had visited before.
So we did. From there we walked around “deep” Namba, looking at stuff then to a wine Bar for another drink.
We had fun, it was not really about me, but close enough 🙂 because when one’s wife is happy, the man is happy.
The next day, my day, I took off work. Still I was up early. I wanted to do a little early morning Meditation, KungFu and also film a set. 
Sort of video document of my KungFu at this age. It went ok, not as good as I hoped for. It took me a long time to get the footage i wanted and by that time I was getting tired having done the “kata” quite a number of times to get the camera angles, moves, etc. Tricky doing it single-handed. 
I was just “ok” with the finished film it was passable. However when I posted it to the FB forum of my system’s founder, I was surprised at the amount of approval from peers and seniors. So I guess I am not looking too shabby for an old dude.
Afterward I hung out at home for a while then went to lunch with LZ. We went an Indian restaurant she found, as I love Indian food. This place was pleasantly good concerning the food. 
They had a chunty I have miss since Berkeley. so even thought he samosa were not what I expected the chunty made up for it. The Salat Pagneer was good as was the Lasse. I was able to find out they sell Turmic spice and balsamic rice. So overall I left a happy camper. From there I went to Kyudo…or maybe I went to Kyudo first. Hmmm age memory lost ? No matter.
Kyudo, was in there somewhere during the day, matters little where, it matters it was there. It was pretty quiet at the dojo, for the most part I had it to myself. I remember this because I had a chance to do some camera and video work un-bothered. I got some decent alone time practice in. I think I made some advancement in understanding something or applying it. Too many days, weeks have passed to recall. The real point is I was there practicing and enjoying my work-study. I also decided with all the extra work I have been dealing with, I should go for getting the Yumi I want. I have been taking a survey of people’s kilo Yumi strength. I have my 15.5k bamboo core bow, after spending the last several weeks shooting the 13 k, I like the feel and being able to really work on my alignments. The average seems to be 15. I am going with a 13.5 for a everyday Bamboo Yumi. A YonSun made in America by Symansky a student of Shibata XX. 
My first Yumi was by him and I liked it. Kyoto style is what I hear it called. A big factor at this time and place is I can have a well-built to Japanese standards, custom built, Yumi for less than half the cost of buying here. Kind of reverse of the old days in America when one could buy a qulity item from Japan for less than American built, like a Honda or something vs a Ford. Yeah, so it going to take a little over a month to build, shipping here I do not except to see it until Oct. Another factor in buying in the States is my cousin is flying in to visit and can bring it with her, more savings.The next I was off on a sailing adventure. It was not planned, and only heard about it a few days before. I had a boat pickup job. Another guy I sailed with before to Okinawa and I were going to Aioi to bring a boat back. We would take a train there in the morning, spend the night then sail back the next day. No overnighting on the boat whilst under sail. Perfect!


It was a pleasant sail back from Aioi. We motored sailed all the way, winds were pretty light. No drama befell us and I got some fair pictures, having brought along my Nikon with the big lens. That story is for the sailing blog readers.
So ended the week with the sail, really though I went to Kyudo again afterward so that really was a good cap to the end of the week.
So on the topic of birthdays I posted this on FB.
FB: Friends , definitions in a new age;
once upon a time, back in the day as we say in the hood your “friend” had a different “meaning” . My birthday was this month. Facebook book says i have 570 “friends” . About 60 of them, which surprised me, took the few moments needed to wish me a happy birthday (thank you). Small as it was in action, the impact was a surprise in the largeness of emotional gratitude. as an artist i am pretty sensitive to input. Ok so, 570 people are my friends, 60 took the time to say “yo” , ( about 20 of them i really have met) let’s say 110 were off-line and had no idea, no, let’s say 210 were busy in the real world and had no idea. So that leaves 300 people who are suppose to be my friend but do not give a rat’s azz about my birthday and it is too much effort to click and type something. However want to read my feeds and be in my business, iznt interesting! My main peeve here is that Facebook has changed the meaning, or at least the quality of the mean of Friend. How can 570 people be my “friend” when most of them do not even say hello.
This is a sign of age, I have heard, when you start bitching about how things were back in the day!.

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