Chi-rock – July Session

Our monthly Blues band gig at the Blues Bar came up. We were lacking a drummer, he was out of town. I did not consider it a big deal, the Doctor and I have played several venues, without him. As it turned out it went well and truthfully
I did not miss him at all.

I took my acoustic bass instead of the full electric. It gives me a different sound. Also I can slap the body to get some drum type sound. It requires a different type of playing action, and can get tiring after a while, unless one has practiced a lot. I could feel my hand cramping late into the set. Still with just the two guitars , Bass and regular it is a nice combo. I just wish the Doctor would get an acoustic guitar. That would give some nice old style blues sound. He did bring a second guitar that night which was also elec. he had it tuned to what is call an open D tuning. This makes it easy to play with a slide.
The owner called in a friend of his to play with us, with him playing harmonica. It was a bit of a hurt since I also play harmonica while doing Bass. However in fairness I do not play it on every song, or with the depth and sound that come from only playing Harmonica and it did give some more fill. Because when only playing harp on can use the hands to add dimension to the sound. So I laid back and just played Bass for the most part. There was one song, the guy could not quite get so I played as always.
Overall the sound was ok, the Doctor seemed to be fixed on doing one song he liked for a long time with several variations on it during the evening.
Since there was no one there that evening, a Wednesday but two customers, no one complained or cared. Well except maybe me. It was a very very casual evening. The Doctor chatted and drank, a couple of times I started playing a song on my own, because I felt bad about wasting time and he joined in. Oh well, it is his gig, I just feel he needs to handle things more professional when playing for money. A freebie is another thing all together. 
masako n me

A fan, she always wears a Kimono to the club.

I have another session with the Jazz Group upcoming later this month. I have three songs to play with the, plus will sing a couple. I am looking forward to really having a full sound with serious players and getting a bit of my Jazz / funk fix on.

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