Suizen 吹禅 – July

Blowing Zen – July

This Aug it will be 6 month since I started Shakuhachi class. It is kind of slow going but, I find it interesting. I am kind of thinking in a light sort of way, maybe, I can become a Shakuhachi street musician. As a Gaijin of color that should attract some attention playing the Shakuhachi. I still have a long ways to go being still basically a mudan.
Just a wild thought , but it is good to have some dream and purpose. It help stimulate the mind and spirit. Also with hooking up with this new Jazz group it gives me another outlet for playing …down the road as we say, stateside.
My Kyudo Sempai lent me his extra Shakuhachi to practice with. It has the nice feel of the real bamboo. I have been taking it to work with the last week and finding a quiet spot to practice a little. My practice at this level is mostly getting a clean sound from the Shakuhachi. I do not know any songs as yet. I can play Amazing Grace though. Otherwise. the songs I am working for class are kid’s folk songs. Pretty boring but good drills. Otherwise I just make up tunes to keep it interesting.
Sensei asked me the other day, “are you tired of playing Shakuhachi? ” i said ehhh, which means in Japanese, what you talking bout Willis? Or huh? He said people usually get tired and quiet after about 3-6 months. I said , no way, i am looking forward to doing some interesting things later. I guess it is the same with any art, I find it so with Kung Fu and TaiChi, many are very excited at first then find out how much effort and dedication is needed, and grow tired of doing it.
This is why pills are popular, people like instant results, people are basically lazy. The way our society is setup, it does not help that mindset of, getting something quick and easy. That is not real life, a seed takes time to grow into a tree or to bear fruit, unless it is Monsanto which is poison and killing folks slowly. 
So anyway I am prepared to develop Shakuhachi Kung Fu. 
FYI: the word “Kung Fu” does not mean fighting. It means a skill developed, by hard work and effort.

One thought on “Suizen 吹禅 – July

  1. Amen to making small goals for training. I’ve found that routines can get a bit boring in various Japanese arts, everyday doing the same stuff, and making small goals really helps. I guess kyudo makes it easier with lots of tests and tournaments though. Screw the pills, let’s grow some trees. Cool post.

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