Jazzy Ozaki

Ozaki Jazz fellowship

LZ came across a local website hosted by a local Jazz band group. More like a social Jam group than just a band. There are some 30 members. They are quite close to our house. lZ contacted them for me and posted my basic info. They were quite pleased to hear from me. They were in need of another Bass player, and were quite delight to have an American to make them more international. 
I made several contacts with them and there was one member who spoke English well, a couple of the others spoke only a little. I looked at there song list on-line. There were song I was familiar with from hearing but not from playing. Not really an issue though. Much more Jazz orientated than i have been doing, but doable with some music charts. There was one song posted by the group thAt a member wanted to do and old BoB Dylan song, done by a Jazz group. Ok, no problem easy to do.
I made arrangements to come by their monthly session at a local Karaoke spot. I arrived just after starting opening time. No had started plating as yet. I was warmly welcome by all that were there and introduced around by the English speaker. Everyone was VERY nice and friendly. There was free food laid out by the club owner. Everyone paid a small entry fee of 1,000 yen and that included one drink. Well worth it, with the food and use of the room.
I went over the song list and had a sit. I was going to sit over by myself, however several people insisted that I sit with them. After a bit of chatting, i was taken over to the snack table and they made up a plate for me. Soon it was time to start. Everyone or almost everyone was introduced including myself. Then the session started. I was brought up first which was a surprise. I did a song with several of the members,
Afterward I played along reading the music for another couple of people.
 I am rusty at sight-reading, but I made it through ok, partly because of my Shakuhachi lessons. I have to read music score for that. No one was expecting a paid performance type show, so mistakes were ok.
Then bass players switched, I had a seat again and enjoyed watching an chatting. 
The musicians in attendance were good, some better than others, but everyone was good. Everyone was pleasant. I was surprised at the amount of female sax players, most that were there though sang. A couple sang and played something, Sax, flute, or piano. It was good to met up with other musicians right in my area. It gives me some incentive to step up my game. The blues band is getting old, they do not want to develop their sound, so this is a good outlet for me. I will continue with the Blues Band , but this gives me another music outlet.
Later the club owner brought me some snacks, then later gave me a free drink. I was quite surprised at his kindness. I later did a jam with a couple of sax players and a conga player with me on Keyboard and singing. It was short but fun.
Finally things were a wrap and I said my goodnights to all. everyone asked invited me to return, I was quite touched. I walked to the train station with another member who was also leaving and catching the same train.
I have been asked to submit some songs I want to do for the next gathering which is once a month. I am looking forward to it. I enjoy have the full band sound. This is turning more and more into a good location for us to have moved to, yokatta!

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