I can see clearly now…

I can see clearly now, the rain has gone…

The Typhoon has passed it was wet but thankfully not that windy. Everything here survived. Allah be praised! No I am not Muslim. Just another word for the Great Spirit.
Not what the post is about… So onward…
I went out today, on a Kyudo mission. I figured I would make a pilgrimage to the Kyudo shop here in Osaka. I have never been there on my own. Since the typhoon pasted and it was a sunny day, I figured , why not! I got the directions planned with the help of LZ. I was at first going to go to Kyudo shoot some , and see if the bow really made a difference, then head over to the shop. I reversed the plan at the zero hour. I headed to the shop first, it was simpler for other reasons. 
I got there and encountered the owner in his warehouse. He followed me to his shop and right away helped me. I first got a new Makiwara ya tip put on a ya, and got a couple of extra to go. I needed to replace some at home. Next I set about explaining what needed with the Yumi. He looked it and after some things I did not fully understand, but enough he suggested what could be done and said it would take three day before I could pick it up. No problem I said. He then went on about some other thing, I did not fully get. Anyway he suggested that I could do the work myself , just buy the Bamboo strips.
He located some bamboo strips, told me how to do it, wrote it down how to do the work and I was good to go. It was simple. I did not plan on doing the work, but it will work out better. I can do some finer support work with fishing line, then cover it with the Bamboo. The work will look better and be stronger than just having the damage covered up. So it work out for the best. I picked up an extra string, extra makiwara arrow tips, and the strips of bamboo, besides being able to check the shop a bit more, I saw some nice Ya I will buy as part of my new equipment makeover, once I make Yondan…Yosh. So for the day, I was good to go.
I stop for lunch at a local Subway shop, and was surprised to hear some serious Hip Hop on the speaker system.
Next stop was the Kyudojo for some practice. When I arrived the dojo was completely empty. completely. I got the locker key from the front desk and got things set up to shoot. It was nice being alone, I felt like it was my Private dojo. I shot with the light Yumi. My first shots where the best ever!! It was great, other than the serious smack in the face with the string, and I do mean serious on the second shot. My fault for not being fully in the moment. It did wake me up completely!! I got down after that with the best score ever, at least for the first four rounds. The next group were still good just not as much since I was putting more effort into locating the right sighting spot. I was feeling like I was on the right path using the lighter Yumi. Working my form instead of working the Yumi. Thing went slowly downhill as I continued to shoot, experiment and fatigue set in. Which was no matter I felt I was on the good foot.
So with this in mind I could feel the soft glow of some confidence for the next Shinsa. Next week will tell. I will also hit up the Senseis about the standing form instead of kneeling. I can get down but the longer I stay there the harder it is to get up smoothly. I will ask for some feedback from one of more of my Sensei.

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