Calm before the storm

Calm before the storm – Pre-typhoon training

I got my chocolate butt in gear early today and hustled on over to the dojo. I needed to get there early to meet my Sempai, the one who plays Shakuhachi. I decided to bring my lighter 13 k yumi. It is beatup, cracked, fiberglass and shorter than my Sansun, but it works. It is also forgiving of my long draw since it is a glass. 
My reason for getting in early was two fold.
One: a Typhoon is coming. Osaka is on Typhoon alert. It is due to hit tonight. I wanted to be home and settled in way before it was due, just in case the trains stopped running.
Two: my Sempai is lending me his extra Shakuhachi ! Cool, cool cool! I have been looking forward to playing on a real one for a while. The PVC one on loan from my Sensei does the job, but the sound quality is lacking and the feel of real Bamboo. Somewhat like shooting with a TakeYumi over a Fiberglass one. Transfer that feeling to sound and you will get an idea what I mean. That went well. He gave me a couple of points to know about it then said Ganbattemasu! Awww yeah. Real quality Bamboo Shakuhachi are like quality TakeYumi, expensive! This was a good score to get. 
On to Kyudo…
I saw another club member had his Takeyumi wrapped on bamboo at a couple of places because it was over 50 yrs old and coming apart. He told me the local shop in Osaka did it. The sempai group saw my taping of mine and got a laugh. It is funny looking. I will take it into the shop next week or so and have them bamboo wrap it. It will at least look better.
So I shoot with it for my two hour practice today. I must say, my score did not really improve, however my grouping did some what. I need to adjust my aim to the new Yumi.
Also it felt better. I was able to correct my form from DaiSan into Kai and my release was smoother being in the right position. I also noticed much less dropping of the left arm when shooting, and less opening of the hand. Yeah, so using a light Yumi is the way to go for now. Watase Sensei was in today, his correction on me was not the usual, relax your shoulders that I get and was reminded of at the TaiKai the other day. Today it was only draw more and lower my right elbow. I was going too high backward and need to give it more downward angle. I tend to make my Kai parallel to the floor. However it is not. There is a slight angle upward from the right elbow to the left tenouchi. Another thing I found when a another Sempai corrected my tenouchi is that it is easier to adjust my thumb angle pressure with a smaller diameter Yumi. Also easier to adjust and hold my left arm correct in and out of Daisan. Yeah, I need to switch Yumi. At least until my skill level improves. Depending on the next three weeks, shooting with the light Yumi and if the repair cover up looks better, I still may join the Shinsa in Sept. I have to decide by mid Aug.
The wind builds, the typhoon cometh.
I have prepared the garden on the back forty best I can without moving things inside. This is another type of test for the home garden.


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