Earth connection, life connection

There is something grounding (pun intended), spiritual about growing one’s own food. Even if it is just a small amount, besides the benefits of being organic if you chose. and why should you not, food is medicine, the taste is most times 100% better. Even in the case of just herbs, for seasonings and spices, having fresh herbs on hand is outstanding.
My front garden is doing well. I have added another mini water pond to the collection, so it is now complete as far as wanting to add stuff. Well stuff that grows anyway. There is always upkeep, weeding, trimming, but the rewards are internally great. That connection to growth and life force, priceless. With planning and some effort it is not really costly, or I would not have it. It is a living art piece, project. Other than the mosquitoes it is pain and stress free.
This year as I have said I have added a veggie garden to the back balcony. It is working out. In ways better than the front for growing veggies as the bugs are not there eating away my efforts. I planted a couple of things in a small space in the front, the bugs attacked them badly! The basil was pretty much killed. I save a couple of cuttings and planted some in a pot on the balcony, it has been reborn. The shiso was also attacked, but it seems to be recovering now. Growing faster than the bugs can eat or they have lost interest, or the natural repellant I sprayed is working. Whatever the reason it is growing fairly well now.
I so far have gotten three eggplants , some lettuce for several salads from the back garden. Yesterday I got a small amount of Cuttings from one of the basil plants and made pesto. I took it to my Japanese class with some Humus chips, they loved it!
I also served up some basil, tomato, olive, mozzarella lady bugs, which also went over big.
Yeah I do other things beside, Kung Fu, music, Zen, Kyudo, Sailing, blogging. Life is short I intend to enjoy whatever I can, while I can. Sometimes things do not work out, like the sailing to Japan plan, and sometimes they do. Some days the sun shines, some days it rains. THe trick life is finding joy dancing in the rain, not just waiting for the sun. Enjoying what you have, not lamenting over what you do not.
In Kyudo it is not just hitting, it is the act. Life is not just the destination it is the journey. Victor Wooten says in his book that each note, is a song. This is in keeping with the philosophy of Shakuhachi, enlightenment lies in each note. Enlightenment lies within each arrow, each shot, in the art of Kyudo, each sprout of a new seed. Everything is connected. 

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