Everyday people

Back to work.

I had not been to work at the Silver Center for about 6 months. More or less, mas o menos. It was cold the last time I worked, so it was Nov or Dec. I had seen the work crews from time to time around the area, when I am out and about. They see me or I see them and we wave. I figured things got slow during the winter with the lack of weed growth, so whatever they had would go to the long-term locals. It was around this time last year when I started, I figured the weeds are high enough now they are getting more calls to come clean up.

LZ figured she would be pro-active and call to see, whats up. They said, I was still on record but the days I was listed available have been rainy days, so no call. Since my Chan class desolved I said I would add another day to my open time. I really did not want to but, the money would be helpful.
If you do not know the Silver Center, is a place where people in my age group retired people work. My group does, yard work, landscaping, tree trimming, etc. 
I started back to work on Monday. The people I knew all greeted me, with long time no see, blah blah. I was introduced to a couple of new people and settled back into the groove of working with everyday people. These are non-salarymen type, farmers, labors etc. nice folks. I am sure none has met and worked with a real American of color. They are all surprised at my being able to speak Japanese. Even as little as it is, they are impressed. Sometimes when I think about it, I am I impressed also, coming from the streets of Philly and the farm lands of Virginia.
Anyway most are nice folks, we are comfortable enough with each other we can even joke around some. My contacts with Japanese society is surprisingly varied. The working laborers, the rich Yacht men, the blues musicians, the multi-leveled traditional Kyudo world, and just starting now in the traditional world of Shakuhachi, oh and the modern Zen world. One day I will do a book, on the faces of real Japan. Not the tourist face, or that of the English teachers world, but the side that most outsiders know nothing. There are a couple of people I know of blogging who are in the non-tourist world, however they do not have the variety that I do. It should be interesting with some pictures, a picture book novel.
So this is my second day back to work. OMG I was so tired. It is not easy work. Raking is not so bad, it gets tiring, but to do it on ridiculously steep hillsides is hard. Then there is loading the cutting on to the truck to be hauled away. It will take me a few weeks to get back into shape doing this work. I am pretty much the youngest worker, however, I did not spend most of my adult life doing labor. The work is not really that bad, just some of the environments are challenging, like the steep hills. It will be worth it when I get the pay check, well my part of it. we have the traditional Japanese house when the wife is the Minister of Finance. I am looking forward to tomorrow it is supposed to rain so I will have the day off. Yatta.

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