Chicago Rock – June session


Chicago Rock – the June Session

The evening after the unexpected Jam in the afternoon was the Band’s scheduled Chicago Rock monthly gig. That night we were expecting to have a guest sit in. Someone we met at a club in Kobe, were the band originally hooked up. This guy is a Harmonica player from Australia. Nice guy, very friendly and a good player. He arrived shortly after we set in. I don’t think we even had time to play a song before he arrived, so we did a frist warmup tune with him.



Unlike the last guy we had sit-in we knew he could play well. I expected to lay back with my own harmonica playing since he was there. I would focus just on sing and playing Bass.


We started thing went smoothly enough, he did not step on “toes” with his playing unlike the last visitor. Things went well. So well in fact there is really nothing to write. The band did well, other than the drummer bitching about the Bass drum pedal not working. I do not know why he had to complain about it, over and over. Saying it once it was broken would have been enough and then just dealt with it. But that is just me I guess. I found that irksome. Perhaps more so since I still had ill feelings about him since the Snafkin incident. He had said he was gong to attend, then dropped out because he said it was to far to go for free. However, we have attended things in his area, under the same conditions and gone even out to Kyoto to support his friend’s show. However him coming to our area was too far and a hassle. I was not pleased!! As it turns out today, he messages us saying he has a class reunion he wants us to play at….for free, in his area. I said “hmmm, I will need to consider it. It is a two hour ride and too far for a free show” he was all oh please you can stay at my place. I responded. “Oh I see two hours on the train is only a hassle when you have to do it !” Anyway I digress.
This months show at the Club went well. Not much of a turn out in the club. Kind of expected for a Weds night gig, and we do not have much of a following anyway and weekday nights are generally slow.
Oh well, I look at it as a paid practice, since we do not. I stopped asking about practice sessions, as they are not productive and, well never mind, I do not want to start bitch’n, because it is good to even get to play. I am getting to meet other local musicians it will pay off down the road…Yosh!
Next up the Chicago Rock all star Jam

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