Unexpected Jam

Unexpected Jam

While preparing to leave Snafkin the other day from the gathering, I was asked by my Kyudo Sempai if I was busy on the following Weds. I said no. He then told me he and my Sensei and the other Sempai were getting together, please join them. I of course agreed. I did not know what was planned other than something musical. I checked my understanding with sensei at the next class. Yes they were getting together. He was meeting them at the train station, I could meet them at his house. Please bring my acoustic bass. Ok I was in.
I showed up as planned. They were still walking back from the station when I arrived. I had to speak with Sensei’s mother, that was a bit of a challenge, with her age hearing and my Japanese. However I made it work. I started to leave just as they were arriving. 
We went in to Sensei’s studio and setup. Had the sheet music for “My Way” and “Harlem something” some other song. We went through them first with him playing them with Senpai on Shakuhachi. Sempai had some timing problems but it worked out ok. After a few tries it was sound pretty good. I had my iPad recording, sadly it did not. 
After we went through the song, just before we left, my Sempai on the guitar tried his hand at some blues. I joined him as we got more comfortable with the groove, Sensei joined in with the Shakuhachi. Perfect I wanted to hear how it would sound playing that. It was pretty good. He said he was not good at improvising, and stopped after a short while. That was ok, I heard what I wanted it could be cool! Bummer bummer the recording did not come out. It did give me inspiration to do something later. Maybe Guitar, Bass, Shakuhachi, Shamisen. Or Shakuhachi (once I get public functionally), Guitar, Shamisen. Snafkin would be a good venue to experiment in. 
My co-worker the Shamisen player played with a group, I saw their picture on her Facebook page. I mentioned I wanted to sit in with them. She responded please do. 
That could be cool, different and fun!

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