A day in the life…The musical day, prt 1

A day in the life…the musical…prt 1 Osaka School of Music.
I received a message from a friend about a gig at the Osaka School of Music. They/he was looking for bass player, to do a couple of songs, and Play/Jam with the students. Other than that I knew nothing. A few a few FaceBook message I received two songs to learn to play, with a couple of other foreigners, then, i was unsure after that. I learned the two songs, they were not complex, and i did not learn every small item, I figure as usual learn enough to play it correctly then add one’s own stuff as one does when playing.
I made it over to the school. Very nice place, more of a performance school than just a music school. It has a two-year program. The people seemed nice, the vibe was good. The students were good and well-mannered. Once. There and setup, we the band figured out what was what and we played the two songs, maybe twice. It was rough, but it sounded fairly together for never playing before together.
Now we are supposed to break it down with the students. Each instrument received a student or two or more. The guitar and the drummer had the most, the keyboard, one, I had two. Ok, now it was a bit tricky, I did not have the Japanese to do explaining about certain things on the music chart. Also I just follow a chart for the arrangement not for the notes. They read, a least one of them did, so he was good to go. They added parts that I had not bothered learning until just hearing my group playing, live. I play by ear, I have not read in years, other than lately with the Shakuhachi.
Anyway they both had it together as far as what to play, so I gave one guy aid on a question he had on something, and I just let them play. That is really how one learn about playing with a band, by playing. The sheet music is just a guide, a canvas to paint, remix, otherwise people would just play CDs everywhere. I listened to the singer and the overall band/group sound and gave opinions on somethings I felt needed to be addressed. I did not feel like I added a lot to my group, but everyone seemed happy at the end and played well that was the most important. There is a mention of doing something there again in the Autumn. If I get the call I know more about what to expect and do next time. However what they really need is a player who speaks better Japanese than me.

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