Second thoughts


Not really second, more like continuing thoughts on the Shinsa, lessons learned as it were. We did that at the last company, where I worked as a Graphic designer. I miss doing that work, and the income.. When that job ended, it was the beginning of a long downhill slide. But that then, this is now and another topic. Digression over.
Diffenently the big thing is, it is not all about hitting. It puts YonDan in a different light. I guess this is why I have heard through the years, “YonDan, now we can talk”. It reinforces my thoughts of Yon-dan being equal to a Brown belt, although it is called 4th degree Black Belt. Not that any of that matters, just labels until one reaches Renshi.

It was nice to take this Shinsa at my old dojo. It was small for the amount of people, but more intimate. Also it is left foot entry not right foot like Sakai . I really dislike that. It was pleasant from time to time to recall moments; here is where I first got dressed, here with Sensei, this is the tea room, so many people here now…So now that is over my next shot is in Sept. However, with the failing of my Sempai although still hitting, puts me somewhat in a wonder on what to work on refining. Certainly I need to hit but what is the mystery element they are looking at. One Sempai said, before she thought she would not pass because her hand opened. Really something as small as that will be one’s down fall?! I would like to ask some of the higher ups, but my Japanese is not good enough to understand the answer.


My Sensei in the states said they may have done something off in their Tai Hai. Hmmmmm. He also said it took him 4 times to pass. He hopes I can do better. There is a Sempai at the Dojo who has done the test 14 times! I will take steps to do better than that for sure. I said this before and the more I think about it the better it sounds. I will take the test in Sept, if no pass, I plan on waiting and just training until spring. At that time perhaps the Oceanic Seminar will be a good way to go, with several days of intense training it should raise my chances. I think the two times at Banpacku gives enough respect to Nogami Sensei Spirit. Even once, since it is really my thing, he is beyond caring about life’s small matters. If his spirit was there to help I would have done so. However, perhaps the “lesson” was more of his teaching…from beyond! Ohhhh deep! 🙂
I guess, basically I will work on maintaining kiza w/Ikasu, keeping my shoulders down, pushing at the mato, and tenouchi. That is more than enough to work on, however I am sure my Sempai and Sensei with have More directions, adjustments. I believe I have found the sweet spot for my aim, now I need to be more consistent with the pre-launch = Dai san/Kai/Hanare. Lower Stances in Chen Tai Ji to help my thigh muscles. Maybe some ab, chest arm work so I look good in my half-top Kimono. Hmmmm, some Shaolin Guan-dao practice would work all three muscle group. There is something in the Kyuhon Raiki-Shagi about “the right look”
After having acquired the right inner intention and correctness in the outward appearance, the bow and arrow can be handled resolutely.

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