Weds Nite Kyudo – June

Weds Kyudo Workshop, WKW for short – June

So, yeah, it was a good thing I posted about the good shooting night or was day?! hmm whatever. I have that memory to read back on, and I did enjoy the feeling, the hope. Now it is back to the real world of you suckness. Next time I go in to the dojo, way off the hook miss for the first two shots. Ok, so much for that afterglow. I never got back into that flow I had the other night. Just as well, Kaicho came over and I got adjusted…again, more, still??. Oh yay, just what I need. (sarcasm alert)
I think I found out something I need to test the idea. I noticed I shoot higher on my first few shots, even using the same marker on the Yumi as the night/ day before. Is it me or Yumix? Then later that mark is used again. Perhaps the yumi also needs a warmup.

After several more rounds, some improvement but never got my mojo working. sigh oh well 😦
Before Zen one chops wood and carries water
After Zen one chops wood and carries water.
Weds night session, full Tai Hai, more adjustments to Tenouchi, also my kimono. On top of shooting there is this Kimono beast to merge with. One of the adjustments was how far to pull out from the stomach when opening. Another was grabbing the top that was just slipped off, at the right place to be tucked. Part of my issue was I could not find the spot. I was told I need to have a crease in the sleeve top so I could feel the difference. Stateside SanDans do not deal with this kimono dragon until after passing YonDan.
Oh well, slowly, slowly I am making headway. It all reminds me of sailing, up-wind.
The breath work goes well though. Inhale expand, sink expand, arch expand inhale, hold release, like a leaf filling drops of rain, expands, holds, a natural release.
Just need to remember to arch…so many “just need to remembers”

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