Small step

Even with a small step…Somedays are better…
I did have a Shakuhachi post slotted for today. However in light of today’s event and after the last several post a more positive post is in order. Even if small.
I went to the dojo today, with no expectations other than to give some sheet music to a Sempai and get some kyudo practice. I did not even have the xpectation of a quiet practice. I was going to blend with whatever happened and just roll with it. Adjustments, corrections, critiques, whatever, bring it! I am there to shoot!.
The regulars were there as I figured, plus a few others. I did my music affair stuff and changing into my Kimono. I was surprised not to get more adjustments. The Kaicho watched me early on my the practice and just said ok, I followed that with hmmm, ma ma, even though it was a hit. He said hai, Ma Ma, I kept at it. He came back later with the usual open up more, directions. Another Sempai told me I was dropping and closing instead of lifting and opening. I made the adjustments in both case.
I took a break after 1hour of shooting, my average was 55%. After break I had enough time to put in another 2 sets of 4 arrows. My over all ending was 60% my highest ever! Not only that several grouping had 3 or 4 hits back to back. That is the good stuff!
I figured i would enjoy the day and post a happy post because tomorrow is another day. If I can stay near that average I will feel like I have made a small break through.
I am refining my breath. The release with the breath is a better way for me. However the release is not an attack. It is more like the first breath to play a shakuhachi note after taking a breath. Not sharp, not the hard crest of a wave, but rounder, still has pressure of the ocean behind it, but it is understated. it is the steady exhale of the Trade-winds, not the storm gust. This is what I am picking up.
There was some discussion on my kimono today. Something was off on the way it was laying on my shoulders. The Kamon was not place quite right. I had several ladies adjusting, pulling, tugging, smoothing, it was kind of nice actually! 😉
Another unexpected lesson today, how to tie and fold my Hakama proper. A sempai saw me struggling …now I just need to remember the way. An easy pull on the right strap and it comes right apart.
Tomorrow is another night session with W-Sensei. So all my joy from today maybe put in a tail spin and crash tomorrow. Oh well, there is Thurs. and Sat. to make a come back. Meanwhile, there is the Kyuhon to read and set to memory…Yosh!

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