Not yet, Bubba

Not today

I was looking forward to practice today. I thought I had the missing link, the thing that would put me on the fast track. The break through key to the next level. Wrong wrong ! Sigh.
I figured out from Y-sensei and the Kaicho what my problems were, what I thought would get me over the low shots, opening hand, dropping arm, results, equal = missed shots. Well at least what I thought would solve these things. I found from The Kaicho I should have my Kai higher, I found from there I could feel myself add tension to my left elbow and thereby relax my left hand. Add this into the other stuff that I need to have in place and I should be able to hit more and look better doing it. It did not work. Well maybe a couple of times.
Overall no, change. I did log myself today, just because I could, 42%. Oh well. Part of that could be making the adjustments I need in order to be in a good Kai, are not being made on the way down from Dai-San any more. Kaicho Said I was bring my yumi down to straight from Dai San to Kai, should be coming in at angle to my chest, not dropping down. DaiSan is over too far, so from this new angle I am struggling to use the proper back muscles and body angle to shift. When I come direct down I can place myself in a more central spot to feel the back take over the draw.
What is really frustrating, when I shoot improperly, my grouping when missing is in fairly tight grouping. When I am shooting properly, my shots are all over the outside of the mato. Sigh. I hd more hits when my form was bad, Now form looks better, my hits suck! Yeah, I know it is not about hits. It is about cultivating virtue, refinement, Shin Zen bi !
oh please it is about the hit, at least at my Padawan level.
Breathing, ok the breath issue thing is still there, at least at the release, the rest feel ok. Kai inhale, release, exhale, not working so well. Maybe need more practice, maybe just wrong. The inhale, hold, exhale release still better. That is most likely the way, but I need to control the “Fagin”, Snap, let’s call it. Make it go towards the mato and not twist my body… or maybe inhale, exhale/release, no holding. Smoother, there is still the Snap to control. That also do not keep with the round wave philosophy. 
The solution is most likely, more practice.
There was a Sensei at the dojo tonight of some noteworthyness. I do not know who he is from “Hiro”. Only reason I knew anything about it, a sempai showed me his video on-line, some Kyudo documentary on her iPhone. That’s him she said, blah blah sensei, I said , ehhh sugoi. Then went back to getting ready to shot again. With little more knowledge than before.
It was far from a quiet evening practice I thought would be happening on a Sat night. Nope wrong again. As I was setting up to leave a large group of high school Kyudojin showed up to practice. I guess since there is a Shinsa next week they are getting some practice in. Or they are there on Sat nights, most time, and I just did not know. Konbanwa, they all said bowing, upon seeing me all kimono’d up, . I returned the greetings. I went and changed, when I came out many more had arrived. I said the proper leaving phrase after the new greetings, I turned to the person who seemed be in charge, their handler to inquire if the key was taken care of, and other same things usually done upon the last of the Kishiwada members leaving. All is ok the “coach” said. I bowed and left. I heard a couple of kids inquire who I was, the “coach” responded with a Kyudo member. I do not recall seeing this “coach” before, but he seemed to know me. I guess there are not a lot of foreigners around these parts. 

2 thoughts on “Not yet, Bubba

  1. Haha! I’ve been having the same thing happen to me. In working on form, all my misses group together, and all my hits are around the edge. Talk about frustrating. I try to be calm inside and tell myself to work on the form because it is what I’m supposed to be doing and “good” and what my teacher is telling me what to do, and inside I’m telling myself “Just wait till all this settles in and every arrow is a bullseye!”. Talk about demons and angels on the shoulders. Thanks for the great post.

    • it is quite madding, and frustrating. 🙂 However since ‘Life is Suffering” I keep in mind it is all “practice” So I take another breath and draw another arrow.

      Thx for the drop by! _/|\_

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