Another day, another lesson(s)

When I first heard about Kyudo, and saw some people do it, I had no idea it would be so simple, yet so complex, and difficult.
I went to practice today. My inner kimono was ready, I had it adjusted. So I was up for Kimono drills today, along with , shooting, arching, relaxing, tenouching adjustment, breath, stretching practice. I come in, right away Sensei W., the headmaster, seeing me and says, do you have your kimono today? , Good, you have a lot of changes to make! Ehhh, another Sempai Sensei echos, MANY MANY, ehhhhhhh I say again, Hai, yosh!
I mentally prepare for a major overhaul, after changing, he have at it. Starts with my entrance, ma ma, but pay attention to where I am bowing, next walking to Honsa, nope Stop, am not turning, proper, adjust. Bow in ok, turn to change Bow hands, nope nope, knee here, not raised. sit whilst turn, complete same time. Ok next, grab here, watch hands here, stop here, pull this way, not that, reach more here, ok, continue…
I had a whole new list of things to recall, readjust, change, Remember!!! I rolled with it, because it was all good. Small things, a lot of small things, but that is what makes one good, and look good. When watching someone do Kung Fu, people who “know” skill, do not need to watch a whole form ( kata ) to tell if some one is good or not. Spirit, technique, details on the first few moves.
Sensei spent the whole time just watching me go through Tai Kai, making comments and adjustments. Afterward, I practiced. Misc parts, on and off the shooting floor, I was reprogramming.
Then again back on the floor for just shooting. Again I did not bother logging. Still not consistent with the hits, but today’s number seems to have risen. I noticed that I am not as tired, after a couple of hours. More details from the Kaicho, open, elbow, and final one last bit before he left. I was lowering my ya, arms, and hands to low in Kai. In other words, my Kai was too low, more like Archery, not like Kyudo he said. Adjusted, it felt better, the Yumi felt more supported by my body, I could feel a lift in/at my elbows. Four hits in row! Bam! Did not let it phase me. Still there overall more misses. One of my other Sempai Sensei’s come over to watch and help adjust Sensei W. He also stepped over to watch me again… He had earlier and said hmmm, and something I did not catch, as he walked off. ok. Now he watched again. I tried to ignore him and just focused on the changes, keeping the shoulders low, breath, crosses, elbows, tenouchi thumb, chest, nobiai… bam ! I looked at Sempai, afterward he just said good, then said something to Sensei W. Then sat. I said, ma ma good? He said perfect! I bowed and went back to practicing.
Yeah, breath, back, shoulders, thumb, so complex, so simple, elbows, stretch, a couple of times I revert back to my old breathing way. I could feel the difference, I am getting more in tune with the new pattern. I am finding at Kai inhale, expand, hold, release, exhale, works well for me, your results may vary.
That is it for the local news, we’ll call it a wrap.

One thought on “Another day, another lesson(s)

  1. I love hearing about the dojo chatter between you and other teachers and practitioners. When I started I thought it was just a quiet solo practice. Even now from time to time I go in with the illusion that I’m all by myself, and mentally push others away, but that’s small. Quiet alone time can be great, but I have a feeling that when this ship goes down, it won’t be the lonely times shooting I’ll remember, but all the chatter with the other archers. What are we doing really? Perhaps shooting arrows is actually really small, but that’s all I’m focusing on. Ganbarou!

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