The Do of Kyudo breath – part II

The Do of Kyudo breath – part II
(or a day in the life )

I went to practice today, after a great lunch with LZ. The weather was for me perfect. Others said it was hot. Very Japanese. Two thing are standard , it’s hot, ne! Or it’s cold, ne! Once in a a great while one will hear, nice weather ne! If I head out in a short sleeve short, it has got to be good.
Actually I prefer to have long sleeves summer shirts/tops. It keeps the sun off, then when it sweat the breeze cools the wet spot off. Unheard of here…Unless it isa work shirt… Anyway I digress


We went our local favorite noodle house. She was not big on Udon until trying this place. It was great , filling and about 1.000¥ …each. 

Anyway…After lunch I headed off to Kyudo. 
The Dojo was almost empty when I arrived, I thought is it just a slow day. however folks started arriving after a short while. I guess they all took a late lunch. Most were back when I finished changing. No matter, I had at it, I had work to do.  
I did not bother with my score keeping, was just going to shoot and working on items. The main items were what Yamashita Sensei told me the other day. The breathing and the focus power on the left elbow not the hand, hand relaxed.
Breathing was fairLy natural, as I expected a couple of adjustments were need to feel proper. The 70/30 on Ukisokoshi, I can really feel a difference. Also the exhaling into the top gives a good stretch. I found my own spot in Dai-san, however it more like a 80/20 as is Kai. Also I am still working on this over all. Kai position is still something, unsettled… hold, inhale and expand til maxed, or hold at the crest release, exhale, or Crest Exhale, then release. Release at inhale crest feels smoother than releasing at, with exhale, releasing after exhale feels like it starts to collapse me. When the water collects on a left, before spilling, tipping the left, it slowly fills then as it overflows the drop becomes smaller. I just need more practice on that part of it. Release at exhale feels more powerful, but it also throws my shot off. I need to control the “fajhin”. I am not there yet.
Sensei spoke of imaging a water wave, like a breath, flows one to the other. Not sharp ( the is the storm though). It seemed like a good image. He said, big breath, big wave, small breath, small wave, flows rounds from one to the other.
This is where the other tip I received from Sensei “Y” about the power in the left elbow will comes into play, keeping that left arm/hand still. Not dropping at Hanare, but push toward the mato. Keeping the hand relaxed to brace and push from the body/elbow.
Easy to say, hard to do!!
There was a new item brought into the dojo, I am not sure who’s it is or maybe it is for the Dojo. A Yumitaro I saw it called on FB. Basically a Goyu



I was impressed with it, it can be used with a YuGake, and it is balanced when doing Hikiwake.





Otherwise a normal day. I am noticing some difference in my Ya placement these days. Hit rate still sucks, however I think other things are coming together. My mind has accepted this up coming Shinsa is just another practice run, so I am much more mentally calm about it. It is just practice and a demo for my late Sensei.


One thought on “The Do of Kyudo breath – part II

  1. I’ve been working on some really deep bad habits lately, and if I focus on hitting the target, zero progress is made with the bad habits, so I’m just focusing everything on the little bad habits, and when they heal, I can return to the other areas I’ve neglected and hits will come naturally … I hope! Who really knows the best way. I guess we gotta just find out for ourselves. Cool post!

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