Chicago Rock – May

O.M.G. !!! This should be the theme of this month’s CR gig! At club INZT it was W.T.F.! This time, O.M.G!
However in the guys favor, it was not my guys fault this time. Our first set was somewhat decent, considering we do not practice. I have simplified my playing and look at playing more as a Taiji ( tai chi) push hands drill. I stay sensitive to where they or he is going and play to support that, wherever it goes. I was doing that before but now more so, knowing that someone will not follow set protocol for starting and ending. Basically “I just roll with It”
Ok, so yeah our first couple of songs were decent, not great but decent. The crowd was small and it was still early so, just warming up it was ok.
Tonight the drummer had invited a friend who wrote a song. He wanted to perform it and the writer was going to play and sing with us…no rehearsal that made it even more challenging, he did not bring a music chart, lyrics, guitar, nothing. He relied on the Doc. to provide. Hmmm, I said nothing, but thought, WTF?
Ok, we went over the chord progression somewhat before hand and then started. It was sad!! Not the song, itself, called peace, not a great song, ok, but the playing of it. Thankful there were not many people there at that time. If it was me singing and my song, total embarrassment. However, no way I would have done it without everything in place and everyone knowing what was going on, yes a rehearsal by all means! Otherwise no way playing live! Ok so in short it was embarrassing, less for me, because it was not my song, I was not singing. However I was part of it. So there was some embarrassment there of the sad, lame performance.
Ok, next. We are going to do a blues standard with this guy, it was so so, better than the other song, but still so so. He played too loud and not really that well. He was very nervous. I could see his hand shaking. I am thinking poor guy, but this is not good. Ok, next I was pressed to sing something. So picked Mustang Sally, the guy was going to play along? OMG! OMG! He was all over the place. He did not pay attention to what I singing, or what anyone else was playing. He had his own version in his mind and was in his world only! He was deep in it and loud about it! Wrong cords, wrong changes, wrong timing and loud. I had to shift my singing on one verse to kind of fit with his playing, but it was not the song! Ok, it is one thing to not know a song, and to try to follow, but not to listen to what the band is playing is a sin! More so when you are just a guest and not singing! Wrong cords are not a sin, but playing wrong cords louder than everyone else is !
After. Bit of this, I had had enough and signaled my guy to end the song and called for a rest break! O.M.G. It was painful! Doc. M, and I spoke outside, we were on the same page as far as this guy’s playing. That was enough for tonight!
The last set was better, I carried most of the singing and
Layed back on the times when the Doc was doing his thing and pushed the envelope some on my singing style and playing. I felt I needed to make up for the first set. I think for the most part we did.
It was not perfect and loose, but that looseness is becoming our style since we do not practice. More like a “Jam band”, then a regular working band, there is some appeal in that, it add some degree of freshness to the songs and sets. At least I did not feel embarrassed afterward. All things considered, that is enough for a good ending.

One thought on “Chicago Rock – May

  1. Cooooooool. This might be one of the things I miss most about living back in the States. Go to a bar and drink beers to good live music. Miss it sooooo much. But I guess that’s the price for living in the sticks here. Rock on.

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