Music -East/West prt 1

Music – East 

It was to be a long day ahead. It was nice it did not start early. At least from a getting out on the road kinda early. I was still up early, Chan, Kiza, planking, Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Mantis, morning drills, breakfast, then off to the train station. Once I get there , my head music box always has some theme song going, Simon and Garfunkle, “homeward bound”, mostly Hendrix, “Hear my train coming”, once in a while the Stones, “love in vain” . It is not really their song but, Robert Johnson, however I like their version better.
That morning I was off to a Shakuhachi Concert performed by my Sensei and some of his companions. It was located in a historic house of some sort. my first trick was to find it. LZ and i had been in the area before visiting the Ceramic Master, however I did not have clear directions only a vague idea of where I was going. It was going to be a little tricky even with my GPS. I would get close enough I could hope to ask someone.
I made it to the station and to the old mall walkway which was near by. I checked my finder, and looked around, to get my bearings. I saw a guy walking from the direction where I thought I needed to go. He was dress in a traditional Japanese working/casual suit. Kind of like a Karate gi, but more dressy and no ranking belt. I started to ask him about directions, but once he got closer he looked like he was looking for directions or someplace as well. Therefore I did not. I started down the road and a couple of people passed me, I asked one youth. About a landmark I was seeking. It was just down the block he said and pointed. Perfect! This was a place on my GpS and what LZ said I should look for. We had passed it before. Ok, now at this intersection, again I looked around, checked things, sent out the Zen sensors. I noticed a guy just down the block on a bike stop in front of a building, he was checking something like a paper. Coming up the other street were a few Obaachans I passed on the way there. Sumimasen I said and asked if they knew of the place. I showed them the flyer, and the name LZ had written. Ahhh, hai they said and told me right where the guy on the bike is. Perfect!! I was there with no problem. yatta!
I walked in and peek around. There was a guy who looked to be giving a couple of other a tour. Hmmmm. Maybe the place, but it was more like a house than a concert place. The guy and the people ignored me. I walked around, checking out a few displays and then I heard shakuhachi sounds.
I followed into a courtyard and there saw i sign saying Shakuhaichi concert and an arrow pointing. I did not really know what the sign said, that was my guess I did understand the Kanji for Shakuhachi. I continued on and in another section found my Sensei. Yatta!
 Sensei was pleased to see me. He showed me around the room, meaning I was shown the displays of Shakuhachi, also the prints on the wall. These were prints of 100 yr old posters for shows, events. I was also shown some money from the Meiji period. One was the real things the others were copies. It was an interesting mini tour as he explained the things we saw.

I was then left on my own as he needed to prepare for the concert and was speaking with some of the other players. I walked around some more and took in a few sights. A while later I heard sensei warming up in another section. I could see him from where I was. It would have made a very cool picture if I had my good camera. As I only had the Phone camera it did not have the same effect as I saw and hoped for, Oh well.Before things got started my Sempai from Kyudo also showed up. Sensei spoke with him a bit, and let him try out a few of his Shakuhachi as he knew he could play, having heard the recording I did at the Snafkin coffee-house.


Finally the show started with Sensei opening on his large Shakuhachi. What a lovely sound the big one makes, so Mystical sounding. Next he had some of the others people come up to play. One guy was so nervous he was shaking, poor thing. One guy was Sensei’s student, so my Sempai.
Another player who came up I recognized as the man I saw on the street earlier. He was introduced as Sensei’s Sempai. I was shocked! He and Sensei were the best players of course.

Lastly Sensei played a few songs with a Kyoto player doing duets with her.
She was quite good. The last song he had everyone sing along as they played. It was a famous folk song everyone knew. I was familiar with it, but did not know the words.

It was a worthwhile outing, I was quite pleased I attended. My next stop was over to a nearby, “Live-house” they are called here in Japan. We call them bars or clubs in the States. I was to play with my band, minus one, the drummer. So it was to be Dr.M and myself. I headed out I only had a short time to get there...


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